1.5 Million Liberians to get safe drinking water as LWSC signs Memorandum of Understanding


The Liberia Water and Sewer Corporation has signed a memorandum of understanding with two American Companies for the provision of adequate safe drinking water in the Country.

The two US-based Companies include, the American Venture Group Inc. and Quest Water Solution.

The joint collaboration amongst the three institutions aims at providing sufficient and affordable supply of clean water across the 15 Counties of Liberia.

According to Water and Sewer Corporation Managing Director, Duannah Kamara, the water supply will cover over 1 million inhabitants.

It will also require the companies to design, build, finance and operate 270 water purification and distribution systems in mostly rural communities in the Country.

Each unit of the 270 water purification and distribution systems will be powered by a mini solar system for residents.

Mister Kamara also told Journalists at a news conference that the project will provide positive socio-economic benefits for communities in which they operate through hiring and training of local personnel for operation and maintenance.

For his part, American Venture Group Chief Executive Officer Richard Hoffman expressed satisfaction for the partnership.

Hoffman said the two companies will endeavor to provide safe drinking water at the lowest expense in the history of Africa.