“No Corruption Probe Against Former National President” Says ALJA

ALJA past National President, Moses D. Sandy

“Mr. Sandy’s leadership in the history of ALJA was outstanding and unmatched; and he enjoys the trust and confidence of the officers and members of the Association,” Says the National President of the Association of Liberian Journalists in the Americas Mr. Joe Mason.

Mr. Mason comments are in reactions  to media smear campaigns targeted at the Association’s National President emeritus, Mr. Moses D. Sandy and his family.

ALJA Former President Moses Sandy and ALJA President Joe Mason(L-R)

The Association National President, Joe Mason, categorically refuted a recent Facebook post alleging financial malpractices and a purported investigation of former President Sandy.

Mr. Mason described the publication, contained in a March 10, 2020 Facebook Post, by one Prince Sheriff as unfortunate; and says ALJA has neither sanctioned a probe nor knows of any investigation involving the former National President.

ALJA says it is unethical but not surprising that Mr. Sheriff who places his support for the ruling CDC above objectivity and factual reporting would resort to, innuendos, misinformation and outright lies to impugn Mr. Sandy’s character and bring the reputation of ALJA into public disrepute.

Mr. Mayson described the former President’s leadership records in the history of ALJA as impeccable and said ALJA  has explicit trust and confidence in the character and reputation of its immediate past National President Moses D. Sandy.

Mr. Moses Sandy interacting with ALJA Members

The Association says former President Sandy is an honest and dedicated community leader, who over the years worked tirelessly with his peers for the rejuvenation of the Association after it crumbled in 2004 as a result of internal rift amongst its members. ALJA was revamped in 2014 after 10 years of dormancy.

ALJA National President Joe Mason said the former President on some occasions willingly used his personal money and material resources for the growth and development of ALJA when the association was in dire straits financially .

He furthered “Mr. Sandy and his family worked overtime for the vivacious and enviable ALJA we have today”.

Mr. Moses Sandy and Wife recognized for Supporting ALJA

He continued “The ALJA family is proud of Mr. Sandy and his family for the outstanding services rendered the Association and local Liberian journalists, who visited the United States over the years when he served as Chairman of the ALJA resuscitation committee and two times National President.

They were warm and receptive to every journalist, who visited their homes in the name of ALJA and the Press Union of Liberia (PUL)”.

The Association further clarified that when Mr. Sandy’s ended his distinguished four-year tenure as President of ALJA, he presented a financial report that was accepted by the organization’s general membership.

Mr. Moses Sandy (second from right ) and other ALJA members

The Association said it had adhered to calls not to dignify and elevate Mr. Sheriff’s allegation to a platform that it doesn’t deserve. However, given that these allegations border on Mr. Sandy’s character and the professional image and reputation of ALJA, the leadership decided it is now prudent to set the records straight.

ALJA also states emphatically that while it has not begun the process of sending out invitations for the Association’s 6th annual convention scheduled for September 24-27 2020 in Trenton, New Jersey, the decision to do so is the sole prerogative of the current National Administration headed by its current National President, Mr. Joe Mason.

Former President Sandy is credited for leading the resuscitation efforts of ALJA and the expansion of the Association’s membership. His administration revived two chapters (Delaware Valley and Mid-west) of the Association and the revamping of the non-profit status of the organization.

         Mr. Moses Sandy (Left) and ALJA Members

Additionally, the Sandy administration made ALJA visible at home and abroad. As a result of the work done over the years, ALJA is now a critical voice for press freedom, free speech and good governance in Liberia. Currently, ALJA remains one of the few diaspora based Liberian organization that continues to speak to the critical issues of bad and good governance in Liberia.

ALJA is a conglomeration of current and retired Liberian journalists residing in the Americas. It is a 501c (3) non-profit organization. The Association was founded in 1998 with the objectives of fostering companionship amongst its members and their American counterparts. Additionally, ALJA is committed to advancing press freedom through media capacity building and the fostering of good governance in Liberia through media advocacy.