Rufus Neufville Warns: Politics Will Undermine COVID-19 Fight


The Chairman of the Independent Council of Patriots Rufus Neufville has warned strongly against politicizing the COVID-19 crisis in Liberia especially members of the opposition block, adding that those in such constant behavior needs to stop now.

The crisis he stressed has no borders and does not care about political parties or politicians as such only through united effort, Liberia can win the battle against the COVID-19 Crisis, he added.

According to him the Government current approach towards the crisis is appropriate and in the best interest of the masses and should not be politicized by others.

“Don’t criticize the effort of the government, Rufus Neufville cautioned Liberians.

He said at this current health crisis, Liberia needs one people, one nation as unity should now be the core of battling the disease.

Hon. Neufville said not everyone will be a part of the Government task force on the fight against the COVID-19 crisis as such it is paramount for members of the opposition to organize its own task force and ensure that she actively  join the fight in containing the further spread of the virus in order to help protect the people whom they expect to vote for them in future elections.

Mr. Neufville, a critics of the government said he will remain balance in his advocacy for the people noting that when it is good, it has to be welcomed and commended and when it is bad it also has to be criticize in order for the wrong to be corrected for the benefit of the nation and its people.

The former district eight Lawmaker urged president Weah to work harder for his people and not allow any negative criticism to distract him from his focus of making the Country better.

He cautioned Liberians mainly market women whom he has been advocating for over the period to abide by the health measures in order to save lives.

“I am not happy when you people are not selling especially when it is your only source of survival but at the same time when you are not well you will not have the strength to sell, so stay safe”, he urged market women.

The former Lawmaker was instrumental in the release of some market women who were recently arrested by national security officers after staging a protest at the Monrovia City Corporation and also communicated to the Liberian Leader George Weah on the need to wave Business loans for market women and petty traders due to the destruction of their market tables among others something among other things is now a reality.