Masks Wearing To Be Mandatory As Local Tailors Stand To Benefit Due To Its Demand


All hope is not lost for local tailors in Liberia who unlike in the past use to generate more money from the sewing of clothes for Churches and other regular and basic functions including occasions but due to restriction on movement of people and other activities in the COVID-19 crisis.

Well a bit of smiles is now beaming on the faces of tailors who majority of the population will subsequently turn to in order to produce more locally made masks to help abide by the government newest regulation in the wake of the crisis.

According to Health Minister Dr. Wilhelmina Jallah, it is now a difficult task for people on the continent of Africa and Liberia as a whole to abide by the social distancing health protocol as such the wearing of masks will now be a must especially in public places in Liberia.

“This will help reduce the mode of transmission, Dr. Jallah noted.

Speaking at the regular news conference on Monday April 20, 2020 Dr. Jallah encouraged all Liberians to abide by the masks wearing in order to save each other and the Country at large.

Currently, the visibility of locally made masks are usually seen on some people especially in the streets, public places and may others but with the new mandate by the Government through the Health authorities, tailors will now double up their efforts in producing more because the demand of it will be very high.

In some places, the masks well designed with African lappa of different colors, shapes, sizes due to creativity and differences in design are connected to ropes for the holding of ears to complete the fixing and are sold for LD $50.00 and above.

The latest creativity by Africans and Liberians came as a result of economic constraint and the purchasing power on local people in affording the huge amount for the original health masks but the challenge now will be the availability in getting some of the materials in the wake of the lack of movement in other places.