As Liberia COVID-19 Confirmed Cases Increased to 133, Health Minister Wants Some Changes in The Next 14 Days Lock Down


Liberia’s health Minister Dr. Wilhelmina Jallah has stressed the need for some new changes to be made in the fight against the COVID-19 virus in Liberia especially as additional 14 days’ period have been announced by national Government.

It is about time to take advantage of the 14 days given to us by President George Weah and work together as one nation and people to ensure we battle COVID-19 heads down, shed noted.

She said health workers can’t do it along rather it is a collective effort and should be tackle together.

“We will expect to see more enforcement, more compliance to the health protocols by the people, communities active and full involvement in the fight among others”, she advice.

At a regular News briefing on Monday April 27, 2020 at the Health Ministry in Congo Town Dr. Jallah disclosed that Liberia has now confirmed 133 cases, 16 deaths and 25 recoveries so far.

According to her so far only one out of the 16 deaths came from the treatment center, that’s Liberia Drugs Enforcement Agency Boss, Marcus Soko.

Speaking to reporters in Monrovia the Liberian Health Minister pointed out that majority of the deaths took place either at local homes or dead bodies found in the streets and tested positive of the COVID-19.

“Liberia deaths rate is so far higher unlike other neighboring Countries because, we are testing dead bodies, unlike our sisterly Countries  and this is why our report is the way it is for now, Dr. Jallah added.

She said additional 47 people are now undergoing their last 14 days after which they will be release to be reunited with their families soon, something she noted is a plus in the fight.

The Health Ministry Boss warned people not to rely on ventilators because 80% of people who went through the ventilators process did not survive as such people should not depend on ventilators and stay home until it is too late.

The covering of your nose and mouth properly is key and should be taken seriously in order to reduce and contain the further spread of the virus, Dr. Jallah told reporters.

She said the virus is real and people should not doubt it because it is taking away lives and does not discriminate.

Currently testing is ongoing in the Country and we are working on opening more centers, this is necessary in order for us to end the war against COVID-19,Dr. Jallah told newsman on Monday.


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