“Don’t Rob Liberians President Weah” Journalist Sandy Warns


(May 2, 2020 New Castle, Delaware)  A US based Liberian Journalist, Moses D. Sandy, has termed as unfortunate President George Weah’s brazen diversion of public resources including money and materials to private initiatives undertaken in Liberia by his self-styled Weah’s Project.

Journalist Sandy says it is distasteful for Mr. Weah to openly engage in acts that rob Liberia and its people of needed financial and material resources with the sole objective of benefiting him and the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) politically.

In a press release issued on May 2, 2020, Mr. Sandy, who is National President emeritus of the Association of Liberian Journalists in the Americas(ALJA), said while he like most Liberians cherish the President’s generosity to the poor and the needy in Liberia, but it is dishonest for him and his followers to do so through diversionary tactics meant for political supremacy.

The former Editor-in-Chief of the News and Public Affairs Department of the Liberia Broadcasting System(LBS), maintains President Weah’s ongoing distribution of assorted items including rice and plastic buckets adorned with his photos to the destitute and potential electorates in various communities and districts in and outside Montserrado County under the guise of the so-called Weah’s Project equates to barefaced dictatorship and self-centeredness.

The tough talking former media executive argues that as President, Mr. Weah is unable to explicitly differentiate his so-called private initiatives and humanitarian gestures from those of the Liberian government, which he heads, especially when public resources are being squandered to fund and support those undertakings.

Journalist Sandy says after nearly three years of political leadership, it is mind boggling that Mr. Weah is still in campaign mode instead of focusing on the efficient governance of Liberia, especially at a critical time like this when the world is at its lowest ebb as a result of the deadly Corona Virus, which has claimed thousands of human lives; and stalled vibrant economies.

The former ALJA National President reminded Mr. Weah that in 2017 more than 61 percent of Liberians through a vigorous democratic process elected him as their leader to honestly supervise and manage Liberia’s wealth, but not to personalize same for his own aggrandizement at their expense and that of the country.

He said it is now time that the President gets out of the campaign mode; and commit to Liberia’s leadership.

However, the US based retired Liberian Broadcast Journalist proposed that if the President thinks, the work of his self-styled Weah’s Project is more germane at this critical time than that of the collective interest of Liberia and its people, then he should resign to enable him focus on the work of the Weah’s Project.

Meanwhile, Mr. Sandy is calling on the Press Union of Liberia (PUL), heads of political parties, civil society organizations, religious groups, and citizens of Liberia to unite in checkmating the President’s barefaced act of corruption with immediacy.

He said President Weah’s ongoing abuse of power and public resources has the propensity of undermining Liberia’s peace and stability.

He said the President’s action is reminiscent of those ugly conditions that laid the basis for Liberia’s ended 14 years civil wars.

Journalist Sandy maintains Liberia is not Mr. Weah’s personal fiefdom where he can unilaterally decide who gets what, when and why.

He warned Liberians shouldn’t sit idly by and allow Mr. Weah continue with such boldfaced corruption.