Police Arrests Menipakei Dumoe Over Facebook Post

Mr. Menipakei Dumoe

The acting Chairman of the Council of Patriots Mr. Menipakei Dumoe, has been arrested and is currently undergoing interrogation at the Liberian National Police headquarters in Monrovia.

Police Spokesman Moses Carter said Mr. Dumoe was arrested following a post he made on his social media page which threatened the peace of Liberia.

In his post Sunday, Mr. Dumoe wrote: “We don’t need bags of rice. I say the poor in Liberia needs AK47s so our leaders can take us seriously.” Moses Carter said “We see that as a threat to national security.”

Mr. Menipakei Dumoe

The Police spokesman said anyone who threatened the peace of Liberia will be invited stressing that the shockwaves of the war years are seeing everywhere and that many Liberian are tired of war .

Prior to his arrest Mr. Dumoe simplified that the AK47 reference implied resistance against oppression and not an armed resistance.

Said Dumoe: “A number of people have called me about a post I made last night regarding our people needing “AK47s. Of course, this was a metaphor. AK47 is a globally-known symbol of resistance. Several national flags carry the AK47 as a statement against oppression. My call on our people to not just accept free bags of rice without questioning the system that has them living in desperate poverty should not be misunderstood as a call to violence.”

Meanwhile, the Police spokesman further explained that there were items found during the search at Mr. Dumoe’s home investigators discovered sensitive documents to the investigation with the exception of firearms.

Police however failed to mention any of the items seized, but said investigation into the matter continue. At the same time, Assistant Information Minister, Eugene Fahgon has also described the statement of council of Patriot’s acting Chairman as a threat to National security.

Minister Fahgon said “I think it was good inviting the Council of Patriot Chairman to come and answer questions that borders on national security. But what I have to say to you members of the Media is that this is an active and ongoing investigation.”

Investigation continues….


By: Ayeason Yeeba & Eric Garlay (Interns)


  1. Why they didn’t arrest Jefferson Koijee when he said there will be a blood bath?

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