Kpumah Prison Foundation Donates to Joint Security On COVID-19


In a move to further motivate the Joint Security team who are enforcing the lock down measures, the Kpumah Prison Foundation on Friday May 15, 2020 donated Non Food Items to members of the Joint Security team.

Speaking at the brief donation ceremony at the Headquarters of the Liberia National Police on Capitol Hill was a member of the group Ms. Benita Urey who noted that their gesture was intended to show appreciation to the frontline workers fighting against the COVID-19 crisis in Liberia.

According to Ms. Urey they recognized and acknowledged the selfless and national duty the Joint Security team members are rendering to the people of Liberia as such it could not go unnoticed.

The items donated include one thousand pieces of face masks and ten buckets.

She praised inmates at the Monrovia Central Prison for their creative work in producing the quality face masks.

The masks she told the joint security team representative that they were specially made from lappas and other clothes but has high quality with inserted nets unlike others.

Ms. Urey said being in prison does not in any way suggest that all is gone or a sole purpose of confinement but one can learn other skills while serving his or her sentence and upon full completion, he or she can use that as a means of livelihood, something she noted some inmates at the Monrovia Central Prison have embarked upon, noting that it is a laudable venture.

She used the occasion to encourage other inmates to follow the good example of their fellow colleagues.

Receiving the items on behave of the joint security team was Commissioner Ambrose Nebo who described the gesture as timely.

He said the donation especially the masks produced by the inmates at the Monrovia Central Prison is very unique and sends a good sign about  the sector.

Commissioner Nebo assured the Kpumah Prison Foundation that the items donated will be given to the front line security officers who are on the front line enforcing the health protocols and other security measures during the ongoing COVID-19 crisis.

The items the senior Police officer indicated will further serve as a motivation to the officers in order for them to beef up their current operations.

“The officers are on the battle field fighting to contain the further spread of the virus and also helping to protect lives and properties as such self-protection is paramount, noting that the donation is a meaningful one to them” Nebo added.

He buttressed Ms. Urey’s statement by appreciating the inmates for the creative job well done and urged them to do more.

The Kpumah Prison Foundation established in 2016 comprises young and potential Liberians who are championing the cause to advocate for the rights of inmates, the rendering of assistance including providing empowerment them is among others.