The Government of Liberia through the Ministry of Information, Cultural Affairs and Tourism provided update of of salaries of 15,000 teachers. Reading the press statement at the MICAT regular Thursday Press Briefing, Deputy Minister for Press and Public Affairs Hon. Eugene Fahngon said, bank accounts and unique biometric identification numbers issued by the National Identification Registry of 15,000 public school teachers salaries have been release. He said, however, the Ministries of Finance and Development Planing and Education are working to deliver some 2,000 personnel who do not have bank accounts and have been paid by bulk check. The Minister noted that, the Internal Audit Agency and the Finance Ministries believe the bulk check cold be subject to fraud and abuse. The two ministries have been paying teachers on a case to case basis with a view to clean the potential ghost names.

Minister Fahngon added, considering the current environment, the ministries have decided to use the bulk check system to make current the salary of teachers in such category. He noted, all ministries are working to ensure all teachers and rural staff members of the Government of Liberia in this category get a bank account and have biometric ID numbers. The Deputy Minister also mention, government will continue to use the bulk check system for October and November. He cautioned those who do not have bank account to do so by the end of November and added by that time, the government would have eliminated all potential ghost identified. Minister Fahngon concluded that, the Government of Liberia will not pay bulk check for December and going forward.