Government is losing the fight against covid-19. Laraamand S. Nyonton asserts.


A former representative candidate of Monstserrado county district 12
has alarmed that the government is losing it’s grape against the Corona Virus.

Laraamand named government’s alleged failure to deliver stimulus package to the citizenry in mostly affected Counties, poor communication strategy, the naming of in-house politicians on strategic committees as justifiable reasons for his statement.

He furthered, President Weah and team could lose the battle against the killer-virus due to what he calls “the lack of political inclusiveness.

The Liberian Politician also stated that the government is still lacking behind in providing the needed materials to fight the virus something that could be attributed to the lack of adequate finances.
“Health facilities still lack PPEs and ventilators, and this is undermining the fight against the virus”, he said.

Though Amb. Nyonton recognizes several measures instituted by government including, partial lockdown, declaration of a state of emergency and the approval of a stimulus package but noted, the lack of political inclusiveness is jeopardising the battle
accordingly to him. “Taking into consideration the technology of government response, you will realize that she is gradually losing the fight”. He said.

Mr. Nyonton however recommended that government entrusts the COVID-19 fight to a private sector engagement committee and play a monitory role in the process. “If we are to consider a way forward we as a nation should be thinking about outsourcing this fight to a private sector coordinator arm that takes into account real professionalism.” He noted.

The one time district #12 representative candidate meanwhile suggested that the nation be moved from partial lockdown to full lockdown with the provision of stimulus packages.
Amb. Nyonton concluded by stating, he has embarked on the distribution of food to residents of district #12 as his contribution to his people.