Liberia’s Youth & Sports Minister Lauds Youths for Joining COVID-19 Fight

By: Eric Gerlay (Intern) 
Liberia’s Minster of Youth And Sports, Minster Zeogar Wilson has extolled young Liberians in the country for their efforts in the fight against the deadly COVID-19 Pandemic.

Speaking on ‘KMTV Diaspora Talk’, Minister Wilson asserted that the efforts of the young people in curbing the spread of the coronavirus must be commended, noting that the youth have been on the forefront in the fight since the outbreak of the virus.

The chair on the National Respond on Non-medical Pillars on Youth Groups and member of the Special Presidential Committee on COVID said, the Ministry and young people have been deeply involved in the fight against COVID-19.
” To be precise, on March 6, the Ministry of Youth And Sports in collaboration with the Liberia Students Union (LINSU), the Federation of Liberia Youth (FLY), the Manor River Union Parliament Liberia Chapter, the YMCA, and the Messengers of Peace, together, launched the National Youth Task-Force against COVID-19. The idea behind this was that we have a very youthful population, and for a long time, we had not put the young people in the forefront of issues,” Minister Wilson said.
According to him young people must must play a very important role in making sure that we can disseminate information on COVID-19 prevention, as well as knowing more about the virus.
He said the ministry also create awareness and distribute COVID-19 items, including  buckets, soap, chloride and food to various orphanages , ghettoes and old folks homes in Liberia.


Mr. Wilson said, the Ministry has been able to train over 40 volunteers from various youth groups, who have since been going into various communities in and around Monrovia creating awareness as well as giving out food to vulnerable youths.

He also said, the Ministry of Youth and Sports has only received the total sum of US$3,000.00 dollars form the Liberian government since the outbreak of the virus.

“First of all, the Ministry of Youth and Sports, our ‘Dream Team’ believes that government cannot do everything on its own. And given the fact that we are a Ministry, we have partners, we have friends who are prepared and willing to assist us.
To date, the Ministry had been able to distribute 25kg of  1,329 bags of rice, 66 gallons of oil, 220 buckets and four bottles of alcohol to over 70 ghettos in and around Monrovia “, Minister Wilson said.


  1. Thanks, Honorable Minister for engaging the Youths participation for such a NOBLE CAUSE! Honorable Minister, the mentioning of YMCA caught my attention. The YMCA a “Human Development” Institution Worldwide changed the Lives of Many Great Men Globally. Normal Day Liberia there were, YMCA Facilities in various Counties TODAY there fewer than expected. I stand to be corrected but, Today the Youths of Liberia make up about 75% or more of the Liberian Population Admirable to say the least! Due to the over Population of MONROVIA Sadly So, MONROVIA has its share of Youth in need of Rehabilitation. Thanks, there are still the AGED YMCA and SPORTS COMMISSION facilities available to sweat out some SPORTING EVENTS. There are also Youths in other Counties where once was, Graced with a YMCA Facility. My honest Plea to you Honorable Minister could, you use your Ministry’s Youth Department to look into my concern to Resuscitate those other YMCAS to Continue the Much needed “HUMAN DEVELOPMENT” program for our Talented and Vibrant Youths of Liberia. I also believe the YWCA could also be an added piece. This is an addition to YOUR LEGACY as you serve as the Head of a Very Lucrative Ministry. Thanks, again Honorable Minister and Please Stay Safe.

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