Liberian Musician Chiller Coolnanee Cries for Help


By: Ayeason Yeeba (Intern)

Popular Liberian Hip Co musician, Chiller Coolnanee, has laughed an SOS called in a way to rescue him.

For help to the Liberian artist the public can transfer cash via mobile money to Lonestar # 0886540606 and for Orange line it is 0776701880.

Speaking in a live Facebook podcast with the Vice President for Operation of the Liberia Music Union, Miatta Kamara , the Liberian musician said, he has moved over to his parents home as a result of not affording money to pay his rent. “Imagine to the point I can’t even pay my rent, I have to moved back to my parents house”, chiller said.

He’s calling on well-meaning individuals and humanitarian organizations to help him continue with his dream (Music).

He wants Liberian show him love in his difficult moments as he is currently going through tough times.

The Hipco musician asserted that, people are pleased with making big contributions when a person dies,a situation he described as unnecessary.

Chiller Coolnanee indicated in the live video that he has not eaten anything since the break of dawn. “I don’t want to tell you this, since this morning, I haven’t eaten a meal”, Coolnanee said.

He popular for his lines in the tribute song to the late Quincy L. Borrow Quincy B , “Rest in peace, QB you’re a genius,I don’t know what to even say yah..

Liberian musicians have years in and out complained over better living conditions,a situation that is yet to come to reality.

It can be recalled that, another Liberian musician Christopher the change,was alleged to have been taken to court for not paying his rent.

Until government can prioritize Music,Arts and cultures these situations will always remain a challenge for musicians.

Madam Kamarah who is spearheading the campaign to raise support for the musician said, she has channel all cash transaction through Accountability Lab  Liberia.
She wrote on social media “Integrity is the best name anyone can have!! Working with Accountability Lab Liberia, to record every cash that I will receive for Chiller Coolnanee. They will log in the names and numbers of all those that will give their contribution. And also they will keep the money until it be used for the intended purpose.”she said .



  1. Most of them not serious at all when it comes to managing their own money ? why they can follow Deng example? Put your money where your mouth fits. Use your money wisely not on red band.
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  2. Just be smart when it comes to great opportunity. Because many are call but only few are chosen.

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