CPP Commences Second Phase of Rice Distribution in Montserrado County


By: Angelina Nuah ( Intern)

The distribution of  2,700 bags of rice  targeted individuals at facilities in various districts in Montserrado County is ongoing .

The process according to the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) started June 16, 2020 as a way of identifying with Liberians during COVID-19.

It can be recalled that CPP which withdrew from the food distribution committee set up by President Weah due to what they said was the “lack of leadership ability.”

The CPP  said the rice was a promised they made to support facilities during the crisis, which will also include Doctors, Nurses and health care workers.

CPP says their first phase of 600 bags of rice benefited Nimba, Bong, Margibi, and Grand Bassa county and  they have now begun distributing 2,700 bags of rice to about 190 clinics, 10 hospitals, 25 orphanages and underprivileged through out the 17 districts in Montserrado County.

During a press briefing at the ANC headquarters, an executive of CPP, Martin Saye Kollah, explained that political leaders of CPP including Senator Yonblee Kangar Lawrence, Senator Abraham Darius Dillon,  Benoni Urey,  Alexander Benedict Cummings and the Chairman of Liberty Party Steve Zargo have greatly contributed to the distribution process.

Mr Kolleh, representing his committee promised Liberians that they will move in one direction as a team to donate every support received by any individual parties and maintain their promise to give back to the people of Liberia.

Martin S. Kollah alleged that the head of government food distribution team received 9-million, which he said was the over head cost to facilitate the food distribution process throughout the country.

Martin noted that it was later learned from WFP that they received only six(6) percent of the entire 30-million, which clarified that WFP received 1.8 million, leaving the team with 7.2 million dollars.

“When WFP was contacted, WFP Said no, it is only Six(6) percent of the 30million dollars they received.” He said.

“So there is 7.2 million dollars difference left that will be running in the pocket of those corrupt officials, this is heart breaking.” He continued.

Martin described the uncovered event as a complete act of evil against the people of Liberia.

He alleged that it is heart breaking to know that corruption vampires in the George Weah government are about to squander the Liberian people resources like it was done in the case of the 25 million dollars exercise.

Mr Kolleh suggested that it is now time for members of the press and other supporters of this regime to stand up for the Liberian people and stop constant corruption that is tearing the country apart.

He explained that corruption is not a business, and as such they are calling on members of the legislature to do a thorough investigation into the government food distribution plan.

Asking the legislature to make Sure that the people of Liberia benefit from the 30 million dollar loan as it was intended.

Speaking on behalf of CPP committee, Martin Kolleh appreciated journalists and others including Rodney Sieh who have been working tirelessly to uncover some corrupt happenings in the country.

He promised that they will continue to speak against corruption and as well help Liberians to rise up again.