“By – election in 2018 was Unnecessary” Deputy Speaker Moye Clarifies

Prince Kermue Moye, Sr

By: Joseph Titus Yekeryan(Correspondent) 

Bong County – Liberia’s Deputy House Speaker, Prince Moye ,has maintained that his opposition to the Senatorial bid of Representative, Josiah Marvin Cole during the 2018 mid – term Senatorial elections was in the best interest of the Coalition for Democratic Change led government, stating that by – Election at that time was unnecessary.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with KMTV Bong County correspondent, Moye said,it was too early to have created another By – election by giving a Senatorial obligation to Representive Cole,who was elected as Representive in just 6 months.

The district#2 Representative argument comes, as opposition Lawmakers and Supporters propagating anti – by – election messages against his bid to contest the ensuing 2020 Senatorial Election.

Some political commentators have also said that the citizens calls for Deputy Speaker,Prince Moye to contest is based upon his earlier pronouncement made in 2018 that he would no longer contest in Bong county electoral district#2, a district he is serving his second term as Representive.

Deputy Speaker Moye maintained that, Representive Cole needed to have served the people of his district and achieve his campaign promises made to the people of District#2, Bong county.

The Deputy Speaker further stressed that, being erudite that the government had not enrolled in a new International Monetary Fund program,it was conspicuous that government was financially weakened to have sponsored the creation of ant by – election; even though the very government sponsored Representive Marvin Cole and Now Saah Joseph in the By – election to replace now President George Weah and Vice President, Jewel Howard Taylor.

Representive Moye asserted that the CDC government has now shown it’s preparedness to support by – elections across the country, evidenced by the preferment of a sitting Senator, Joseph Nagbe,as Associate Justice to the Supreme Court.

Several radio talk show participants who are in support of Representive Josiah Marvin Cole, have described Liberia’s Deputy Speaker Statement as uninterested.

Ther are therefore calling on him not to contest the upcoming 2020 Senatorial Elections on grounds that it would be the same by – election that will be created.

Mr. Alfred Spencer of Green – farm, in a telephone interview with a local station said, “whether it happens now or tomorrow,by – election is by – election,no formula for it because it is the same money government will spend.”

Mr. Spencer said,if Deputy Speaker Moye believe that he is really in favor of the Liberian government like he did in 2018,let him stay away from the election and maintain his Deputy speakership.

His statement has been greeted by counter reactions as some Supporters of Representive Moye Clarifies that it is a call to duty.

“I feel bad when I listen to people saying that Representive Moye is hunting for someone’s job and he is greedy;look I want to let everyone know that this is a case where we want the Deputy Speaker to leave the lucrative position he is serving and go to Senate” Hawa Momo a callers said.

According to her,if the Deputy Speaker is seeking money,then he will not accept the people’s petition to contest for the Senate but because he believes in service over money, that’s the reason they want him to serve at the County level.