Several Homeless in Bong County Due to Rainstorm


By:Nuwo David (Intern Correspondent)

BONG COUNTY- Several people are homeless following a rainstorm  that left  about three hundred houses rooftop snatched off in Zota district, Bong County.

The rainstorm happened June 17, 2020 in Gbalatuah, Bobville Township, Zota district, Bong County

The rooftops of houses including the only clinic and High School in the area were also snatched away.

The damage on homes by the rainstorm has forced several occupants to be displaced.

The storm also broke down trees and wounded several other residents.

Speaking in an interview with reporters following the incident, some victims said they are totally displaced and don’t know where to settle until their damaged houses are reconditioned.

Some of the victims also said, since Wednesday evening, they have been sleeping with relatives and friends.

Our reporter said others with no help are constrain to sleep outside their damaged homes.

Their belongings have been scatter in the town and some valuable destroyed as well.

The Gbalatua’s rainstorm victims wants the Liberian government and humanitarian organizations to aid them with some building materials in order to recondition their damaged houses.