Bia District Residents Celebrates New Bridge Construction


By: King Brown (Correspondent)

Grand Bassa County – A newly constructed bridge has been dedicated in BIA electoral district two, Grand Bassa County by Senator Nyonblee Kanrga Lawrence.

The bridge which cost about  eleven thousand United states dollars was turned over recently to the citizens at a formal program witnessed by residents from  the five sections of Vombo Township.

According to Senator Lawrence, she built the bridge to address the challenges that citizens of the district were going through especially during rainy season.

She said with the completion of the bridge, residents are now able to take their farming produces  and other items to the market through vehicles.

Senator Lawrence of Grand Bassa County said, the construction of the bridge started in February and ended March of this year.

“The bridge is for you and not me, at least I have fulfilled all of my promises that were made to your and I am still doing some development work.“ Senator Lawrence said.

Some of the residents of BIA district expressed joy for the bridge.

They explained their sufferings during the rainy season while others said the construction of the bridge would bring some relief to them and their families.

Said Nathaniel Piah “The bridge  makes me happy and I feel very fine because for so long, we have been suffering for bridge to be place over that river.”

For his part Emmanuel Garpue lamented, ”We suffered a lot from that river, some of us took loan and time for rainy season we cannot cross our goods. The bridge will benefit us a lot because time for rainy season we will not suffer again; but we will take our load directly to the market to sell at least to support our family.”

They said the lack of the  bridge has greatly affected them because their children would not go to school while vehicles would not access the area to help take their produce to the market.

Steven Sandoe mentioned “Since 1990 some logging company came here and put log on the bridge after the log got broken from there that how it has been.”

Beaming with smile Solomon C Reeves said “I am very happy for the bridge because we have been suffering for a long time because our students and teachers would not go to school and vehicles would come in because of the condition of the bridge, so I am very happy dedicating the bridge today at least car will be able to come in now to take our produce to the market.”

Explaining his sorrowful story was Emmanuel Vambo, who lost his beloved brother why trying to cross the running water at the bridge. “My only brother from one ma and pa left in that river, we were only two that left and my brother die from that same river.”



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