19-Year-Old Visually Impaired Female Seeks Public Support


By Ayeason Yeeba ( Intern)

A 19-year -Old visually impaired female risks being thrown out of the house by her landlord due to lack of finance to pay her rent.

Speaking Tuesday with KMTV, Marthalyne Nyanneh, a resident of Police Academy Community and a 10th-grade student, said her landlord has threatened to throw her out of his house on July 29, if she fails to settle her rent.

If you can be of help to Marthalyne, please contact +231880742587 or reach out to KMTV.

She narrated, that for the past two years she has been begging people for handouts to enable her to pay her rent, but due to the COVID-19 crisis, no one is willing to assist her.

Ms. Nyanneh outlined food, clothes, and shelter as some of the things she is in need of. “Some days, I even eat at my Church when I go for Church programs.”

Visually impaired individuals are among people with Disabilities who begged each day in order to find ants meal in Liberia due to the economic hardship.

She wants immediate intervention from philanthropists and humanitarian organizations in helping with finances to settle her rent and purchase food.