‘Let’s Tackle Challenges Foe Unpretending’: OLM Board Chair Abraham Bah


Independence Day Statement from

Mr. Abraham Brima Bah, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Organization of Liberians In Minnesota (OLM) 

Today, 26th July 2020, we remember and commemorate the founding of our dear homeland, Mama Liberia.

Celebrating on this festive occasion is the 173rd anniversary of the Independence of our Republic—Liberia. This year’s celebration, unfortunately, is marred by the sad reality of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Needless to mention, this global public health crisis is a menace not only to our homeland but the world at large.

The impact of this global pandemic has been a real test of our fortitude, of our resolve, and of the tenacity of our community.

It is testing our entire collective Humanity. As always, we are meeting the challenge, foe unpretending, as our national anthem says, “. . .  with God above, our right to prove, we will overall prevail.”

As community leaders, we are doing all the little things that are required to help one another. To protect ourselves and our families and friends, God willing, we will see the world through these trying times successfully. For that, we are exceedingly grateful.

Even in perilous times like these, we cannot and must not forget the importance of this glorious day. We must continue to be thankful for whence we have come as a nation and as a People.

We are hopeful, and most importantly, prayerful about our future. As we have consistently reminded ourselves, we Liberians are resilient people for we have never faltered in the face of seeming adversity and challenges.

That is the Liberian way!  That is who we are— a resilient, tenacious, and hardworking God-fearing people.

Accordingly, on behalf of the Board of Directors and the Executive Leadership of OLM, we extend warmest congratulations and Independence Day best wishes to our community on this historic occasion.

While we navigate the struggles of the pandemic and other hardships afflicting our common Humanity, I am so pleased, as chair of the Board of OLM, to reassure everyone, every Liberian and friend of Liberia that under our leadership, with your unflinching support, OLM will continue to work tirelessly for positive change.

In this regard, I am pleased to report, once again, on behalf of the Board of Directors, the following achievements in the past year:

  • After almost 10 years, OLM has successfully been awarded a grant that will go toward services for our community.
  • OLM is now a full-fledged registered member of the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits and small business organizations.
  • OLM has successfully paid off all debts owed to the State of Minnesota.
  • OLM has successfully implemented the VISTA program and is now positioned to have its first permanent, paid employee stationed in its offices.
  • OLM has been completely transformed into a community, program-based, service-oriented organization; active in helping its membership navigate issues in the areas of immigration and education as well as in the administration of senior and youth programs.

Ladies and gentlemen, we at OLM encourage us all to continue to be observant of all public health protocols put in place to help us through the pandemic. Also, let us continue to be active in our community’s affairs; visit our offices when you can. We are here to serve you!

Happy 26, Liberia!

Long live OLM.

Long live Liberia.

Long live Minnesota

Long live our host country, and God bless Liberia and the United States of America.  Thank you.