172nd Independence Celebration Gets Momentum As Women Take The Lead


Liberia is for the first time celebrating its 172nd Independence Anniversary in honor of women for their numerous contributions to developmental drives the country has and wants.

This comes upon the endorsement of the women quest to the government of Liberia under his leadership President has George Weah.

The Liberia independence celebration will see women from across the county in one accord with the sole purpose of making the day a “remarkable” one.

In continuation to that effect, a spacial women committee headed by now Gender Minister, Williametta Piso Saydee Tarr specially being aid by Liberia Crusaders for Peace(LCP) Executive Director Ambassador Juli Endi is expected to organize women across e length and birth of Liberia.

This according to Ambassador Endi illustrates the might women of the country have in fostering national developments and most of all , promoting peace.

” we can now say women are the voices of Liberia with their engagements that are vital” she said.

Numerous meetings according to her are still in the pipeline with women groups, traditional leaders, among others in creating ideas that will sure the fruition of the independence celebration.


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