Margibi: EFFL’s Emmanuel Gonquoi Vows to Wave Full Salary if Elected Senator


By Abraham Kollie (Margibi Correspondent)

Economic Freedom Fighters of Liberia (EFFL) president Emmanuel Goquoi has vowed to wave hundred percent of his salary to the people of Margibi County if he is elected as the next senator of the county in the pending December 8, 2020, senatorial elections.

Mr. Gonquoi made the disclosure over the weekend at a day-long leadership retreat in Duazon Lower Margibi County.

The Commander In Chief of EFFL said the senate is not a playground for ‘playboys’ and as such he has come to deliver the county from the hands of ‘corrupt leaders’ who don’t want to see the progress of the county.

CIC Gonquoi further challenged lawmakers in the county and those desirous of contesting in the upcoming senatorial elections to wave their salaries to the people of the Margibi, noting that he is willing to settle with the Margibians through court procedures where he will make a commitment to his people by documents before the election.

“We are going to make a commitment to the court waving hundred percent of our salary to the people of Margibi County and we challenged others to do the same if they love the people of Margibi county,” he said.

Gonquoi said he has observed that elected officials over the past years have failed to change the status of the county’s development priorities, adding that he has the best platform among all the candidates in the Margibi 2020, senatorial race.

Emmanuel Gonquoi has further promised microloan programs for sustainable empowerment, youth empowerment, peace initiatives before his ascendency at the Liberian senate.