Maryland: Man,38, Allegedly Rapes 11-year Old Girl


By: Bryan B. Dioh (Correspondent Maryland County)

A 38-year-old man identified as Daniel Toe has been arrested and forwarded to the Fourth Judiciary Circuit Court in Harper Maryland County for allegedly raping an 11-year-old girl.

Parents of the victim on August 8, 2020, reported to the Liberia National Police Women and Children protection division in Pleebo Maryland County that their daughter was allegedly raped by Daniel.

“Our daughter came crying to us that she was forced by one Daniel Toe and we could not sit down,” mother of the victim told KMTV reporter in  Maryland County.

Upon reporting of the case, the 11- years- old survival was immediately rushed to the Pleebo Health Center for examination where it was confirmed that the girl had been raped.

The 11-year-old survival told KMTV that she was allegedly raped when she went to visit her friend who is a relative to the suspect in Zone #6 Catholic Mission Pleebo Maryland.

“I went to visit my friend on Saturday morning when this man who I do not even know asked my friend to cook for him and because I went to visit she asked I follow her to the market, we bought the food and came home. We cook and ate so while I was about to go home, Daniel as they called him called me in his room and told me he wanted to have sex with me; but I said no so while I was running because there was cement at the door I felt down and he jumped on me, put his bedsheet in my mouth and had sex with me.” the 11-year-old survival lamented.

She meanwhile indicated that her friend only named Ade forcefully open the room door before she was released by the perpetrator. “He told me that if I tell anyone I will die and he will go to jail.”

Suspect Daniel Toe has meanwhile denied the allegation, adding that he cannot remember seeing the rape survivor.

“I don’t even know her, but I can’t talk much only God will judge us.” The Suspect meanwhile after spending one night behind bar at the Pleebo Police deport was forwarded to the Pleebo Magistral Court.

Pleebo Magistral Court authorities have informed KMTV that the case is beyond the trial jurisdiction of the Court as the suspect has Committed a statutory rape; claiming that the Pleebo Magistral Court can’t investigate such case and they had since transferred the investigation to the Fourth Jurisdiction Court in Harper, Maryland County.

The Authorities said Daniel has violated section 14.70 of the revised rape law of Liberia which state; A person who has sexual intercourse with another (Male or Female) has committed rape if; (a)| He intentionally penetrates the Vegina, Anus, Mouthopening of another person (Male or female) with his penis without the victim consent.

The suspect has denied the alleged allegation but information gathered from the friend of the 11 years old survival. “He should not lie, saying he never had sex with my friend because we have all evidence to proved that he did it,” Ade a friend to the survival stated.

Suspect Daniel Toe according to Report was a well-known businessman for the past three months but has since engaged in alcoholism thus leading his business to collapse.