Residents Drink Polluted Water in Dekpiliken Town, Maryland County


 By: Bryan Dioh (Maryland County Correspondent )

The lack of safe drinking water for residents of Dekpiliken in Karluway District #2 Maryland County is alarming as they are constrained to fetch water from polluted creeks due to the lack of hand pumps.

The residents said they usually walk several miles away from their town before fetching water from a nearby creek they claimed is much safer for drinking.

Dekpiliken town has over 160 inhabitants including Women, Children, and Men. The town is located in Karluway District#2 Maryland and border Rivergee County.

Speaking to KMTV news in Harper Maryland, Town Chief Solomon Hinneh of Dekpiliken Town Indicated that since the establishment of the town, there hasn’t been a hand pump to serve the Town with safe drinking water.

“Nobody has ever brought a handpump here, we are not supposed to drink from creeks and River because it is not safe for us. Sometimes we will have running stomachs often in this place once it is the rainy season but we can’t do anything because no hand pump here to drink from and the doctors will always tell us to stop drinking from the creeks and Rivers,” Town Chief Solomon Hinneh said.

He also said the residents of his town usually drink from a ricer they claimed is save by since gold mining activities started the water is polluted.

“Besides, we use to have a clean River here but since they started to dig gold here all our clean Rivers are all spoiled and the only way we can get water for drinking now is to walk for 10minutes to another creek that is not even clean and healthy for us.”

The head of the town also said they stopped drinking from that creek because sometimes they see oil over the River they fetch drinking water from.

He alleged that the oil is coming from the gold mining machine being used over the Cavalla River.

“Since I knew that it was not healthy for us to drink, I told my people not to drink from the River again, so we are just force to walk distance for us to drink the water which is not even clean and good for our bodies,” he added.

Janet Kowbo, a mother of three kids, added her voice to the Town Chief, stating that is challenging to live without safe drinking water as a human depends on Water to survive.

“My son when it’s raining we can suffer too much because all the specks of dirt come in this only River we are drinking and my Children including all the Women in this town have to walk for almost 10 minutes before getting Water to drink.

What makes it bad for us is when we are sick, we have to travel for three hours before getting to the only Clinic not even in our County but Rivergee,” Kowbo indicated.

She however indicated that residents of the town through the Town Chief have since written a couple of communications to individuals and Government for assistance but to no avail.

The residents use the occasion to call on Humanitarians and other organizations to help the residents of the town get easy access to safe drinking water.