Grand Bassa Citizens Demands Justice Into Gruesome Murder of 45 Years Old Man


By: King Brown (Grand Bassa County Correspondent)

Grand Bassa County- Several citizens in Grand Bassa are demanding an immediate investigation into the mysterious death of a 45-year-old man identified as Jefferson Kpodeh of Basawall Town in St. John City, Grand Bassa County.

According to the aggrieved citizens, about five dead bodies have been reported in the area and the alleged doers always go with impunity.

The citizens have vowed not to allow the death of the late Kpodeh to go free. Speaking to reporters recently, the citizens said the deceased was allegedly murdered by unknown individuals, and his dead body was discovered in Basawall near the St. John River.

According to them, the deceased was discovered with his head being split, hands broken, mobbed, and stabbed many times and lifeless body dropped into the St. John River, destroying evidence.

They said if the government fails to launch an investigation into the gruesome murder of the deceased, they as aggrieved citizens will invite traditional chiefs and elders to identify the alleged perpetrators through traditional means.

“People have been killed here every time and no perpetrator has been identified. From the beginning of this year to now, about five people have been killed and the information was covered but for this one we as citizens and residents of St. John y will City will never allow it to go sky free. We will make sure to find the perpetrators,” the aggrieved citizens said.

For his part, the Mayor of St. John City, James Brook appealed to the citizens to remain calm as he promised to do a written communication to the County Superintendent, Janjay Baikpeh, County Attorney Cllr. Samuel Jacob, and Chief Zanzan Karwor, Chairman of Tradition Council of Liberia to start investigating the matter, after a 15-man jury informed them that the body was tampered with.

Mayor Brook assured the citizens that the death of the late Kpodeh will not remain undercovered but rather justice will be served into the matter.

He then extended his condolences to the bereaved family and told the aggrieved citizens that based on the information that they will act based on the pieces of information they will gather from the investigation.

The deceased has however been buried.