Over PMC Election, Nimba Caucus Splits


By: Nathaniel Success Topkah (Correspondent Nimba County)

Nimba County – Members of the The Legislative Caucus of Nimba County are divided following the controversial Project Management Committee (PMC) Election recently.

The split is emulating from a unilateral decision imposed on the body by its Chair, Sen. Prince Yormie Johnson in the conduct of the election which has not landed well with few of the Lawmakers.

A particle of the Caucus headed by Representative Larry P. Younquoi, has resolved to push the matter to Court in order to seek redressal.

In separate remarks,Hon. Younquoi and colleagues Rep. Prince O. S. Tokpah and Samuel G. Kogar, in a very vocal tone condemned the election because of the manner and form in which the process was being dictated by the Caucus Chair.

“As far as we’re concern no election has been conducted.” The Lawmakers lamented.

They argued that the process was poorly conducted, single handedly done and influence by Senator Johnson.

According to them, members of the Caucus unanimously agreed for the voting to be done based on secret ballot as provided in Article 56(b) of the Constitution and not the traditional head-count but,to their utmost despair Senator Johnson insisted on the head check.

Another point of contention raised by Hon. Younquoi is,there was no election commission set up. In fact, most of the contestants were not in the Hall when the election was being held.

Despite all of these controversies, the presiding of the County Council Sitting, asked delegates to vote while most people were out of the Hall.

Meanwhile, some group of aggrieved citizens have expressed frustration over the way the Caucus members especially Senator Johnson proceeded with the process.

However, the Senator immediately announced Mr. Harris Y. Yeanamie as the Chairman for PMC, while Mr. Sam G. Ta-Krua Jr and Mr. Richard Nyeingar as respective Treasure and Comptroller to steer the affairs of the Project Management Committee for the next three years.

Details are emerging…