ALCOP Gives GOL Ultimatum to End Rape In Liberia


The All Liberia Coalition Party (ALCOP), has urged the Government of President George Manneh Weah,  to institute measures that will put an end to increase in rape customs in the Country in few weeks.

The National Chairman of ALCOP Mr. Ansu V.S. Dulleh, speaking at program marking the Party’s County outreach in Kakata City, Margibi County over the weekend said, Liberia is at war with rape and there is a need to take serious measure.

Chairman Dulleh explained that there is a rape war going on against girls children in the Country,  stating that they are in danger.

He stated that young girls have been raped in the Country but people have been silent for too long thereby calling on the Government of the Republic of Liberia to see reason to tackle rape in the Country.

He further maintained that if government does not institute measures that will put an end to rape, ALCOP will galvanize its supporters to move to the Capitol Building to declare rape as a Capital punishment.

“We are sending  a warning, we are giving the Government few weeks to take action or else the All Liberia Coalition Party will galvanize their supporters across the Country to move to the House of Representatives to declare rape as a capital punishment” he warned.

In another development, ALCOP’s National Chairman has spoken against marginalization against the party.

Though he did not point accusing fingers at any individual, political party or government, Mr. Dulleh said ALCOP is continued to be marginalize in the Country adding that the party is for all tribes and is speaking on behalf of all the tribes.

He stated that ALCOP like the National Patriotic Party (NPP) that came from the National Patriotic Front of Liberia (NPFL), came from the struggle of their people.

Mr. Dulleh has at the same time repeated call for the Weah-led Administration to see reason to give the Muslims a “national holiday” saying, that will reflects the political and geo-political balance of Liberia.

He then reminded President Weah that the reflection of his government does not represent regional balance.

Ansu continued that ALCOP will not encourage nepotism, sectionalism and tribalism in Liberia,thereby calling on the Liberian Government to see reason to balance opportunity for all Liberians.

He assured Liberians that ALCOP as a signatory to the Accra Peace accord is ready to guarantee peace in the Country.