MoH Begins Training for Health Practitioners in Sinoe County


By:  Mark G. Gray (Correspondent Sinoe County)

SINOE-  A major integrated management training on new born child illness for health workers is currently ongoing in Sinoe County.

The Ministry of Health through the family health division with support from World Bank Monday stated the six days training.


According to the Community Health Director of Sinoe County, Mr. Benjamin Freeman Karmo, the training is intended to build the capacity of health workers across the county in the management and respond to illnesses of children less than five years.

Mr. Karmo said, over the past few months in Sinoe, the number of children coming down with childhood illness at health facilities across the county is increasing.

He said  the training will served as boost to the county health team in responding to those cases.

”The training is the first of its kind in Sinoe, in the past the Ministry only use to select few people from across the country to attend in Monrovia. I am so happy now they have decentralized the process, and much grateful seeing heath workers from all across the county attending this training, because they are the ones who are mainly working directly with those patients; so this training is really going to be an added knowledge gaining for them” he added.

The Community Health Director further lamented that forty-eight health workers from the ten health districts of Sinoe County were selected to undergo the training,  naming nurses and midwives as those part of the number.

Mr. Karmo stated that during the course of the training, participants will be drill through identifying illnesses, knowing the cause, giving the basics childhood illness treatment, knowing the danger signs of cases and doing referral and knowledge on how to handle and manage cases.

The training will last until the 5th of September 2020.