Nimba: Lawmakers File Lawsuits Against PMC Election

By: Nathaniel Success Topkah ( Correspondent Nimba County)
Nimba County- Following the controversial Project Management Committee (PMC) Election held recently at the Nimba County Council Sitting in Sanniquellie, three members of the Legislative Caucus have filed a litigation against the results.
The disechanted lawmakers alongside two defeated contenders during the election have filed a Motion of Preliminary Injunction and Declaratory Judgement at the 8th Judicial Circuit Court in Sanniquellie thereby defying the process.
The aggreived parties are contending that the election was being stage managed by the Caucus Chair, Senator Prince Yormie Johnson.
The 8th Judicial Circuit Court has immediately summoned Senator Johnson and six members of the Caucus are on the other side, while Superintendent Nelson Korquoi along with the County Administration on the other hand and the newly elected PMC leadership in the que as respective Respondents.
The aggreived Lawmakers which is a manure portion of the Caucus include Rep. Larry P. Younquoi of Leewehpea-Mahn,Buuyao Samuel Gongben Kogar and Sanniquellie-Mahn Prince O. S. Tokpah, Electoral Districts 8,5 and 2 of Nimba County.
Mr. Gonpa Odundo Dahn and Mr. Dudley D. Debois are the defeated candidates of the PMC.
According to the Lawmakers who are bitterly disappointed over the PMC Election, believed that due to the injury which the people of Nimba stand to suffer is as result of respondent Prince Yormie Johnson and the majority Caucus Members’ wrongful conduct of the election.
Preliminary Injunction against them was the best option so as to restrain and prohibit Co-respondents Harris Y. Yeanamie,Sam G. Ta-Krua Jr, and Richard Nyeingar respective Chairman, Treasure and Comptroller elected to the County Project Management Committee (PMC).
The Lawmakers argued that Senator Johnson betrayed the Caucus having earlier consented to conduct the election through a secret ballot.
“We all agreed that the PMC Election would be done through a secret ballot rather than the head to avoid frauds and discontentment but to our surprise Senator formed a cohort with the other six Caucus members.” Representative Samuel G. Kogar, secretary general of the Caucus said.
Meanwhile, Senator Johnson and the six Caucus members along Supt. Korquoi and the newly elected PMC leadership, respective Respondents are expected to appear before the Court on September 12,2020 or they risk judgement by default.
Details are emerging….