Did Lawmaker Robert Womgba Lie About Bridge Project?


By: Joseph Titus Yekeryan (Correspondent Bong County)

KMTV has gathered that the US$80,000 bridge  project under construction linking Shankpalai and other towns and villages in Zota District is actually a County Project and not an Initiative of Representative Robert Flomo Womgba as he is claiming.

Hon. Womba who represents the District told Journalists during the groundbreaking of the project in March 2020 that it was his own initiative with support from his partners to construct the bridge in the area.

                    Representative Robert Flomo Womgba

He said it was part of his campaign message to ensure that a bridge is constructed over the Gwidunah River for the free flow of goods and services in the region.

Our Bong County Correspondent who has been investigating the bridge construction has unearthed that the funds for the project was actually given  during the County Council sitting in lately 2018.

KMTV also gathered that Representative Womba pre-financed the project with an amount of a little over fifteen thousand United States Dollars.

The amount according to our investigation has reportedly been refunded according to the County Project Management Committee, Stephen Jorquelleh Mulbah.

“All I can tell you is that, that project is funded by the County and not an individual project as being reported in the media” Mr. Mulbah added.

In one of the recent NYMOTE town-hall meetings, one of the Office Staffers of Representative Womba confirmed that the project is funded by the County but was pre-financed by his Boss.

James Janteh said,  his Boss decided to pay some money to the contractors in order to jump-start the bridge construction that has been an age-old problem for citizens of the District.

“My Boss wanted to quickly ease the problems of his people that is why he took his own money to pay contractors as he awaits the PMC to repay his money” Janteh adds.

The Bong County electoral District #4 Representative has not gone back to tell the public the financial source of the bridge construction as he keeps rescheduling interview with KMTV.

Our Correspondent says, when constructed, the bridge will serve as a gateway to several towns and villages in Zota District and nearby towns from the Republic of Guinea as well.

Several reports of commercial vehicles and ambulances accidents have over the past years occured on the bridge .

The situation has forced ambulance from quickly getting sick people across from Kpaquillie Clan, Bong County.

Investigation continues…..