Alleged Criminal Beaten to Death in Buchanan


By: King Brown ( Grand Bassa County Correspondent)

A man believed to be in his early 30s and only identified as Tactical on early Monday morning was discovered dead lying in a pool of blood along the Own Your Own Community road outside Buchanan.

Some eyewitnesses identified the late Tactical as a notorious criminal who has been carrying out burglaries at different homes and institutions not only in Grand Bassa County but other parts of Liberia.

Speaking to reporters on the scene, eyewitnesses said that they have known him for a decade, and that the only hustle the late Tactical used to do for  living was to attacked companies and NGOs concession areas of which he had succeeded in doing many times until he met his untimely death.

One of the eyewitnesses mentioned that “They were two persons who came on the mission to allegedly steal from ArcelorMittal company and then why in the process to carry out their mission, alarmed blew and it was how the both of them were chased by some unknown individuals to the extent that one person was able to escape and the late Tactical was caught by those unknown individuals and it was how he was killed. Even gunfire last night, I heard the gun sound.” The eyewitnesses added.

Also speaking Mr. Joseph Zondoe, Officer In Charge of the Liberian Government Hospital said, medical reports clearly unearth that the back of the left leg of the deceased was deeply cut which he said led to the deceased bleeding profusely to the extent that his blood volume got dry within him.

He warned that people need to be careful especially motorcyclists to leave the street whenever it is dark to avoid  losing their lives always.

Mr. Zondoe added. “As you can see his left heed was deeply chopped, his hands and legs were broken, he fought hard to survive but due to the shortage of blood he could not and this should also serve as a warning to others to leave the streets whenever it is dark.”

However, the newly appointed Police CSD Commander of Grand Bassa County, Mr. James Yekeku said, it has not been made clear as to whether, he went to steal or armed robbed somebody or was on his normal patrol, something he said the Liberia National Police Crime Services Division are  making every frantic effort to ensured that the purpose of his being out at that hour of the night is firstly established and well investigated.

He assured the citizens and residents of Buchanan that he will not get tired until the perpetrators are brought to justice.

He called on the deceased friends and relatives to remain calm.

Since this year our reporter said about seven persons have been discovered dead in different communities in Buchanan while about five dead bodies have been reported in electoral district two alone, Grand Bassa County, and all of those cases are still pending investigation.

Due to the gruesome murder of those individuals, several citizens and residents told KMTV that they are currently living in total fear to freely move from one place to another.

Several local farmers of St. John City also said they are living in total fear because of the ritualistic killing allegedly taken over their land and people involved  have not been caught.

They said the ugly situation is worrisome for them, as they call on the government of Liberia to find a remedy to the alleged killing of people because jt is scaring them away from attending various activities.