LACC Opens Anti-Corruption Conference in Montserrado, LNBA Boycott


A two day Anti Corruption conference which was poorly attended has open in Monrovia, focusing on designing strategies to tackling corruption in Liberia.


Making remarks at the program, Liberian President George Weah said, fighting corruption remains his top priority from the onset of his Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) government.


“Public debates about corruption have been laden with unsubstantiated claims and politically driven propaganda, but my government has acted without hesitation regardless of the actors involved.” President Weah said.

He continued that actions on the part of the government led to dismissals, resignations, arrests of many persons, including government officials.

Lots of stakeholders including members of the Liberia National Bar Association and other civil society groups boycotted the event.

The Liberia National Bar Association earlier rejected attending the conference on grounds that the head of the entity is not legally correct to run the government LACC .

“Regrettably, I wish to inform you that by directive of the National President of the LNBA , Cllr. Tiawan S. Gongloe and Executive Council , the LNBA will not be a part of any conference of which you are a host.”says the body.

Prior to the LNBA letter, they have been calling for the dismissal of the current head of the LACC because they believe he’s not a Liberian, the situation LACC boss has rejected.

At the occasion, Montserrado Senator Abraham Darius Dillon, of the Liberty Party is on record for calling his colleagues at the Liberian Senate to legally kick out Cllr. Ndubuisi Nwabudike from the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission (LACC) over controversies surrounding his Liberian citizenship.

“Part IV Section 6.3 of the Act creating the LACC requires that only citizens of Liberia are eligible to serve as Commissioner of the anti-graft institution, and Cllr. Nwabudike, as Chairman does not meet the criteria.”Sen. Dillon added.

As the political fight continues, the LACC is continuing their ongoing nationwide conference which ended in Grand Bassa and Bong Counties respectively with another phase in Montserrado county.

In his welcoming statement in Monrovia, LACC embattle Boss, Cllr. Ndubisi Nwabudike said, the conference is to redefine the perception of corruption which will help the country to move forward.

“This conference is geared in improving and strengthening Liberia’s Anti-Corruption Institutions to end corruption in the Liberia.”He added.

Delivering his conference address, Cllr. Benedict Sanoh noted that, accountability is key to fighting corruption.

Cllr. Sannoh said, respect for constitution, strong judiciary system, good security system and the declaration of government officials asserts will help fight corruption.

He added that, over lapping of responsibilities in the government, lack of inadequate budgetary funds, lack of capacity building, the lack of communication among others are some of the root causes of corruption in the country.

The speaker appealed that by providing competent people in government nomination and appointment will help the country to move forward.

” Consultation from civil society and other independent body before nomination of government appointees and carrying on certain functions will help fight corruption.”He continue.

Cllr. Benedict continued that, fighting corruption is credibility, growth and peace to Liberia.

“The outcome of the conference will help the government and its partners to re-focus attention on critical activities that will yield both short and long term results in the fight against corruption. Pre Weah continued.