Zogos Threaten to Kill SEGAL and AlcelorMittal Securities Following Mysterious Death of their Colleague


By: King Brown (Grand Bassa County Correspondent)
Several disadvantaged youths referred to as Zogoes on Wednesday flogged and wounded one of SEGAL securities in Buchanan, Grand Bassa County.

The Zogoes action comes in revenged of their fallen colleague, commonly known as Tactical, who was recently discovered dead in the Own Your Own community on the main road.

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The remains of Tactical

An unidentified man who was seen in his SEGAL security uniform was attacked around the intersection near Philomena Guest House by scores of disadvantaged youths from different communities in Buchanan.

According to our reporter, who was on the scene, they were saying that no ArcelorMittal and SEGAL securities will go to work in peace until some of them are killed.

Residents of Grand Bassa County said that state securities should not take for granted as they expressed fear.

SEGAL is a security firm that has been contracted By ArcelorMittal Company to protect the company’s property and workers.

They alleged that those who killed their Colleague, name Tactical, on Sunday night are both ArcelorMittal and SEGAL securities.

The Zogoes was heard saying, they will not rest until five of those securities are killed or get seriously wounded by them.

“If even he was a notorious criminal or armed robbery as People claimed that he has carried out several burglaries, We think this is not the legal procedure to killed him. We know our brother was not a criminal. you just killed him for nothing and we will make sure to kill some of the security too, we in it,” they mentioned.

However, the SEGAL security that was attacked on Wednesday afternoon by the Zogoes was later rescued by some built-up body men from the hands of those disadvantaged youths and later was caution by citizens to escape from the scene.

Most of the disadvantaged youths were heard saying.“ This is just the prelude, let us warn the company security that from Today on, anybody who we see with SEGAL or ArcelorMittal security uniform, either we killed or wound you seriously, and we are not joking, we are very serious, even the Liberia National Police come here, we will not listen. We are to fight with Knives and cutlasses because we are prepared to die with our brother.”

Also, several eyewitnesses who witnessed the action of those disadvantaged youths described it as being worrisome for their families and friends who work directly with ArcelorMittal Company and called on the joint security of Grand Bassa County to quickly intervene before the situation goes out of hand.

Meanwhile, the body of the late Tactical was turned over by the government to the disadvantaged youths for burial.

Tactical on early Monday morning was discovered lying dead in a pool of blood with deep cut wounds on his body as a result of torture and mob violence by unknown individuals.