“Commerce Inspector Job is not Fishing Expedition”Says, Rep. Samuel Kogar

By: Nathaniel Success Topkah ( Correspondent Nimba County)
The Ministry of Commerce has for the first time certificated its inspectors in Ganta, Nimba County following an intensive two days capacity building training.
Over twenty-five inspectors across Nimba benefited of the workshop focusing on the different ways Inspectors are to engage businesses, molding their  minds in the discharge of inspectory duties and what their roles should be.
Rep. Samuel G. Kogar, House’ Committee on Commerce cautioned the Inspectors not to consider their job as a fishing expedition but to put the State above self interest.
“With these certificates you’re holding today, I urge you to be proactive and nationalistic for the State of Liberia. This country has gone to the extent that the issue of value is no longer looked at.” The Nimba County District #5 Lawmaker asserted.
Also speaking, Adolphus B. Parker, Deputy Inspector General of Rural Liberia, said though the Ministry holds a training workshop for its inspectors after every three months but this was the first time that the training was held in Nimba.
“We’ve been conducting training for our inspectors but it’s been in Monrovia so this time we thought of bringing it Upcountry starting with Nimba because Nimba has the highest number of inspectors in rural Liberia.” Mr. Parker revealed.
The County’s chief Commerce Inspector, Alphanso K. S. Miamen, extended his heartfelt thanks and regards to the Commerce Ministry for their efforts in the decentralization of the periodical training and hopes that this will not be the end.
Also at the ocassion, Superintendent Nelson N. Korquoi call on the Inspectors to use the knowledge acquired in serving the country.
“Use this certificate as a working tool to push forward.” The Superintendent instructed the Inspectors.
Supt Korquoi served as the Senior Commerce of Nimba before his ascendency to the County Administration.
Nimba County is unarguably the highest revenue generating county in rural Liberia and second only to Montserrado in the country.
The county is a business bumming area.