Rep. Goshua says, Liberia Deserves Better Calls for Halt to Divisive Politics


By: King Brown
(Grand Bassa County Correspondent)

Barely few months to the much anticipated senatorial election, Grand Bassa County 5th electoral district Lawmaker, Thomas Alexander Goshau, has cautioned politicians to stop playing divisive politics.

He cautioned them to be more constructive in their approaches if they want to be elected in the 2020 senatorial election.

The comments of the ANC lawmaker comes as a  result of the huge wave of electoral violence in Liberia amongst political party’s candidates, partisans, supporters and sympathizers.

He said people have been induce to be trucked on daily basis from one county to another which he said if Liberians are not careful the outcome of the special senatorial election would be dangerous and frustrating.

On the 8th of December 2020,  fifteen of Liberia 30 senators across the fifteen sub political divisions of the country well be elected or re- elected to represent their county at the Liberian Senate.

Representative Goshua who is also the Chairman of the Grand Bassa legislative caucus said, the heated political tension now in Liberia has the propensity to put fear in the ordinary citizens and even scare people from voting.

He said politicians are threatening and insulting each other while some people are being murdered over night by unknown individuals in the country, which he said is far from politics.

According to our reporter, the political tension in Grand Bassa County is alarming, because politicians are attacking each other on social media, Radio platforms, churches, schools, commercial vehicles, Hotels,  intellectual forums, homes, public buildings, beaches, entertainment centers, occasions, streets, voter roll update centers, etc.

“This election if we are not careful it well be chaotic.” Rep. Goshua added that politics will come and go but Bassa and Liberia remain the common denominator for every citizen.

“Let me tell you all today that constructive approach is the best way forward because it brings more developments and even help make our country stable but divisive politics will not take us anywhere as a country, it is only meant to bring war and big divisions amongst us as Liberians.” the lawmaker noted.

He mentioned that no level of politics should bring division amongst the people of Liberia because after the political season, typical Liberians will remain as sons and daughters of their country, adding that Liberia is the only country Liberians have which cannot be taken away from them.

As Politicians gear up for December 8 Senatorial elections, Hon. Goshua said, the political war that is now taking place in Liberia amongst politicians and supporters ahead of the much talk about election is worrisome for the democracy of the country and as such people should make sure that the country peace and stability is well protected.

Hon. Goshua said. “Let us all remain peaceful as we go into this special senatorial elections comes December 8, 2020, because Liberia is the only and common denominator that all of us have as Liberians and we must protect it.

We should also know that this country deserves better; therefore, no one should allow politics to deceive them to destroyed someone else.”

Hon. Goshua who got elected during the 2017 presidential and representatives elections on the Alternative National Congress (ANC) ticket is currently serving as a member on foreign committee at the house of representative.