Female 14 years ‘Gang Rape’ in Maryland County


By:  Bryan Dioh ( Correspondent Maryland County)

A 14-year-old girl has allegedly been gang raped by three males in Pleebo Zone 6 Community, Maryland county .

Alfred Griffiths age 17, and Bill Johnson age 18  are in Police custody why another doer only identify as Zuries is on the run.

The two are charged for gang rape and are expected to be forwarded to the Pleebo Magisterial Court in the county for prosecution shortly.

According to the parents of the victim they were informed by their daughter  (name withheld) that the alleged perpetrators mislead her informing the kind that they were  taking her to a local entertainment center but later diverted on their way and allegedly took her into a house where they carried on the act.

“On Thursday morning our daughter and a lady came to us and informed us that she was rape by three persons and later left alone in an old house where some Community dwellers rescue her.

It was surprising to us because since we started knowing our daughter, she haven’t even left this house to talk about going to club and so she leaving this house was through the influence of these wicked and heartless guys . Even my daughter is not well now because as we speak the doctors are telling me that she needs a proper medical care to get her health status back.” The survival mother said.

Lack of finance to properly treat her bleeding daughter is a major crisis for her mother who shared tears as she asked for assistance to treat   her daughter. “What will I do now because I don’t even have enough money.”

She is however calling  on the Court system to be swift in dispensing Justice.

Meanwhile, two of the suspect have initially admitted into conducting the act but pointed out that there action was masterminded by their colleague Zuries  who escape and is yet to be arrested.

They stated that prior to committing the act, their colleague Zuries  requested that they passed to a drugs store to take in substances that could allow them to be brave in carry on the act.

“Brother, let be clear that it is true, we had sex with this child, but it was our man who make us brave to do it and right now he is running away.” They said in an interview with KMTV correspondent.

Begging for mercy Alfred Griffiths age 17, and Bill Johnson age 18 appealed to the rape survival parents to forgive them and promised never to repeat such again.  “We are sorry let this girl Parents forgive us we will not do it again.”

Meanwhile, medical report proved that the survival was rape and outline that there were multiple male discharge liquid found in her private part during examination.

Recently, the Liberian government declared Rape as national emergency following the high wave of the crime in the country.

The Liberia National Police has meanwhile alarmed over many rape cases in Maryland County, as they are calling on Civil Society actors to launch immediate Campaign against rape aimed at reducing the high number of occurrence in he county .