Margibi: School Building a Death Trap for Pupils at Gbleegar Town


That the lack of school building to host pupils remains a major challenge impeding learning activities for  more than 500 kids residing in Gbleegar town,Margibi County according to citizens of the town.

They said, the situation has caused kids to carefully sneak into the facilities during school days and constantly on the watch for sound of collapse of the building , why some kids have  abandoned the school.

Gbleegar is a town situated remotely in electoral district #5, Margibi County.

Speaking to our reporter, a volunteer teacher  at the Gbleegar Public School Mr. Abraham B. Cole said, the old crumbling mud structure also lacks sitting capacities, including chairs and desks for pupils.

Mr. Cole added that the administration has been managing to use the structure as a school building in order to provide education to the over 500 young kids who are eager to acquire education in that part of the country.

Speaking at a political gathering organized by Margibi County District#2 Representative and a senatorial candidate of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change, Hon. Ivar K. Jones, Mr. Cole, disclosed that the structure has been used to host the school in the town is no longer worth to be used due to its current deplorable status.

He has appealed to Rep. Jones to assist them construct a modern structure reaching up Junior High level to be use as a school building to provide education for kids in the town.

He also wants the Ministry of Education to intervene in the situation before the resumption of normal school activities next academic year.

“We have over 500 children who are getting bigger everyday and want to go to school but no building, we want you Hon. Jones and the ministry of Education to come and help our children and build our school to at least Junior High and bring teachers to teach them.

All the teachers here are volunteers. We are citizens of Liberia and our children need education” Cole lamented.

Speaking further, Cole added that the town has over a thousand inhabitants and they cannot easily have access to Road, modern laterians, amongst others.

He alleged that former speaker Hon. James Emmanuel Nuquay who served the district for 12 years failed to leave tangible projects in their town, vowing to mobilize citizens of the area to boo at Mr.  Nuquay who is contesting as senator on the ticket of the People Unification Party (PUP).

“Anytime Nuquay enter Gbleegar town as soon we hear that he coming tomorrow, I will organize citizens of this town to Boo at him we will not listen to him” he added.