Clarice Jah Plays Political Cards, Dumps Emmanuel Nuquay for Pastor Collins


Former Margibi Senator, Clarice A. Jah, has endorsed the candidacy of Rev. Alexander Bango Collins, an independent candidate in the upcoming December 8, 2020 Senatorial election.

Regardless of a reconciliatory meeting with former House Speaker, Hon. James Emmanuel Nuquay, Monday September 28, 2020 endorsement appears as a shocked to many in the county, and has tighten the political race.

Senator Jah, a Baptist Deaconess herself, used the Pastoral characteristic of Pastor Collins and his contributions to Margibi as cardinal reasons for her action.

The former Margibi Senator explained that Pastor Collins, has substantial and visible assets as contributions to the county and can assure the public and people of Margibi that he will make a great leader.

Rev. Alexander B. Collins

She narrated at a press conference Monday, that the county has been greatly divided and is hopeful that Pastor Collins could restore differences for the forward march of the county when elected December 8, 2020.

“Our relationship with Pastor Collins over the past years have been cordial, owning to the fact that his contribution to BWI, the Christens community, and the relationship with the Margibi Association of the United States; I thought it wise and see him as a stabilizer.

Margibi County has diversity issues that I think he can help us solve.” former Senator Jah added.

Pastor Alexander Collins, has been making contributions to Churches and other faith based institutions in the country.

Hon. Jah, two times Legislative leader of Margibi’s factor, is a crucial and significant endorsement ahead of the December 8 midterm election our reporter noted.

The latest endorsement makes Pastor Collins a great force to reckon with in the pending elections along with Emmanuel  Nuquay, the former Speaker of the House of Representatives and Ivah Jones, of the ruling  Coalition for Democratic Change party candidate.

Already, supporters of various preliminary candidates have started throwing jabs at each other in the county and intensifying their campaign strategies ahead official campaign period.