Maryland Rural Woman Call for Support Towards “Save Homes” Project


By: Bryan Dioh, (Correspondent)

Maryland County Rural Woman President has outlined the need for support to construct a save home for Sexual Gender Base Violence and rape survivals in the County.

According to Madam Felecia Twealy, the construction of the homes will adequately save survivors from physiological trauma after falling prey to rape and sexual gender base Violence.

She indicated that on several occasion, many survives are often traumatized and living with  people who perpetrated the act, this she believes is unhealthy.

“We’re calling on people to help us build save homes because our children are suffering every day. Can you imagine, some of these children parents accused them of witch and many of them are girls.

Some of our female children leave their parents houses and come on the street in the night because they feel there parents always hurt them; so once we build that homes, we will always talk to them and provide peer councilors who will talk to them about the important of life and how they can plan their family or life.” She noted.

The save homes according to Madam Twealy, will contain 12 bed rooms and other offices for those who will run the offices and if adequately resources are gathered the project will  kick start by January of 2021.

“We are hoping to start the project by January of this year when we get the money because without the money we can’t even start the project. So looking at it importance we ourselves are collecting small money among ourselves.” Madam Twealy said.

The Maryland County Rural Woman President said to start the project, women in Barrobo started the harvest of ground nuts for onward selling as resources will be used for the project.

She is however using the occasion to call on Humanitarian organizations, well meaning individuals to help contribute to the project as they struggle to save the lives of many females especially teenagers in Maryland County.