Wee Care Foundation Aids Disadvantage Youths in Grand Bassa County


By: King Brown (Correspondent) 

Grand Bassa County, Buchanan – The local organization “Wee Care Foundation” that seeks to carter to less fortunate Liberians who are widely referred to as ‘ZOGES’ in the society will shortly commence a rehabilitation program for drugs abusers in Grand Bassa County.

The foundation has already identified over one hundred disadvantage youths and to make them self-reliance and useful in society, the group will conduct counseling, Vocational skills training, Biblical education, medical diagnosis, and treatment for them.

Varieties of Drugs

The Executive Director of Wee Care Foundation, Mr. Oscar Wee said, the aimed of the foundation is to aid disadvantage youths in Grand Bassa County to discourage them from the streets, ghettos and graveyards who are always consuming dangerous substances such as marijuana, cocaine, heroin amongst others.

Mr. Wee said, to make this work, he will lecture them on illicit drugs abuse, negatives associated with taking in narcotic substance, the important of life in society and among others as key elements that they will use to minimized bad acts in the country.

He named some of the danger associated with the consumption of illicit drugs to human health as heart or lung diseases, cancer, mental illness, hepatitis, blood pressure, wakefulness, stroke, liver failure, damage kidney, death and among others.

Mr. Wee said, it’s about time that every well-meaning individuals, both in Liberia and abroad joined hands with him in catering and providing technical vocation skills education, several opportunities and other basic needs to those less fortunate men and women who are found lying in the streets, ghettos and cemetery in Liberia and make them rewarding to their generation and the global society at large.

Speaking to KMTV,  Eric James, 36years  who has stay about eight years taking in narcotic substances said, they have called on the government of Liberia to construct a rehabilitation center to get them off the street but to no avail.

“We feel ashamed of ourselves, our living conditions, how we have been treated by state security and other individuals like we are not even human-beings but like a dog. We have been killed during the day in the streets and public places without people coming to our rescue; but rather joining others to murder us more. I think the intervention of the Wee Care Foundation is timely.  We call on the Liberian government and others both home and abroad to fully support this life changing foundation” Mr. Eric James mentioned.

As for Daniel S. Kolo, 47years old and a father of Four Children said, it was during  the war years in Liberia, he started smoking heroin and has spent about twelve years consuming harmful substances. He stressed his willingness to leave the illicit drug habits and return to his family.

He begged the program Executive Director Mr. Oscar Wee to extend the program time from one year to a continue process.

Twenty-eight years old Darius Wreyoral, expressed appreciation and joy for the level of education provided him on how he can avoid the streets and stop sleeping in ghettos and graveyards and also the danger associated with taking in illicit drugs .


Why Mr. Joseph Glay, father of two children extended his thanks and appreciation to the Wee Care Foundation for bringing up such a brilliant program that would help take them from the streets, ghettos and burial grounds.

“To admit, we have plan to leave the illicit drugs habits because we ourselves know how the habit has make us to be abandoned as citizens in Liberia, and we’re also harm or kill at anytime by anybody even if we are criminals or not.”

For his part, a young Liberian Prince William 14 years said, he has been taking in marijuana and cocaine for about several years stressing, “Is about time government pay attention and support those who have come to transform us with medication, funding, life skills, and others equipment that would be used to treat and bring us back to our right mind.”

However, according to the Executive Director of the Wee Care Foundation, it is sadden and worrisome to see people who should have been direct beneficiary to their own country’s economic found in such a sorrowful and disheartening living condition without the direct intervention of anybody to get them out of the illicit drugs habit which he noted poses risk to their health.

Mr. Wee allegedly blamed the increase wave of violence and criminal rates, the hacked of people’s property, threatened statements, people are being stabbed and murdered per day, on the government of Liberia, because according to him, they pay less attention to the well-being and survivability of those disadvantage youths who have been considered in the society as “ZOGOES”.

“If people want for their lives to be protected and live in peace than there is a need that people must carter to the lives of those disadvantage youths firstly, so that theirs can be protected as well.” Mr. Wee said.

According to him, his organization is prepared to move in ghettos, streets, and graveyards and other places where disadvantage youths are and bring them to the Wee Care Foundation so that less fortunate man and women can be useful in the country.

The Executive Director said, they need about 15- thousand United States Dollars to help run and maintain the foundation including all those who will be taking at their facilities for rehabilitation.

He said that for Liberia to be transform, develop and a peaceful nation the government and all well- meaning individuals, humanitarian grouping should come to the rescue of those under privilege men and women by placing more attention in constructing a rehabilitation center and an fruitful environment where they would be taking and be rehabilitated or transformed into society in order to cut down bad doers.

The Executive Director assured over one-hundred disadvantage youths who gathered at the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Buchanan that by next month the “Wee Care Foundation” an entity which stands to carter to under privilege men and women will be launch in Bassa as it based in Liberia to run a one year life changing program in catering and build the minds disadvantage men and women by providing skill training and others activities.

Mr. Wee, however, called on Government, partners, humanitarian organization and others well- meaning individuals to assist the wee care foundation with funding and logistical support to move the program forward in rehabilitating and transforming disadvantage youth across the fifteen sub-political division of the Republic of Liberia.