Bong Senatorial Race Gains Political Pressure


By: J. Titus Yekeryan (Correspondent) 

KMTV has gathered that the December 8, 2020 election will be the toughest election in Bong County’s history with a long list of eight persons vying for the post.

The momentum of the upcoming elections keeps bombing high across Liberia as Bong County is no exception.

It is barely 40 days to the poll and supporters of various Candidates in the County have already started doing all they can to support their interest as the country awaits the resumption of campaign activities which was halted by the Supreme Court.

Bong County will have eight faces on the ballot paper with just one female Candidate (Madam Dorothy K. Tooman) a number that is less than the 2011 elections.

Senator Prince Kermue Moye, who is contesting for reelection has a major force of contempt as Deputy Speaker of the 54th Legislature Prince Kermue Moye, has accepted citizens endorsement to contest.

Hon. Henry Yallah who has already dumped People Unification Party for the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change CDC, believes that he has done much to deserve re-election in Bong County.

Mr. Henry W. Yallah

Many of his supporters are campaigning on a “No to By-election” message which figures out Representative Moye who also used such a message to campaign against Jorquelleh District Representative Josiah Marvin Cole during the 2018 senatorial by-election that brought Dr. Henrique Flomo Tokpa to power.

Mr. Yallah’s critics says, he used eight years to gain riches and that due to the elections, he is now allegedly pretending to be in the interest of the citizenary.

But those supporting the Senator keep telling the public that no Senator has done 50% of the work Senator Yallah has done in the history of the County.

Deputy Speaker Prince Kermue Moye, was elected in 2011 along with Senator Yallah and he is the first Representative of Bong County electoral District #2.

Mt. Prince Kermue Moye

He has won two elections in his district (2011 and 2017) and one at the Legislature (Deputy Speaker in 2018).

December 8, 2020 election marks his fourth Legislative election having won two terms with one of the highest numbers of votes in the Country Representatives election.

One of the names in the Bong County December 8 elections that is not to be taken lightly is Mr. Menipakei Dumoe who continues to campaign on a “Free Charles Ghankay Taylor” message.

Mr. Menipakei Dumoe

Mr. Dumoe has and continues to tell the Bong County citizens that when elected, his number one foreign policy will be the release of Taylor, maintaining that, he will lobby with his college Lawmakers to ensure that former Liberian President Charles Tylor can be set free.

He’s  claiming that due to the bilateral ties, Sierra Leone will join Liberia to appeal to the International Criminal Court ICC to set Taylor free.

During his Presidency, former President Taylor made Bong County his home and there are many citizens wishing to see him return someday, even though others doubt that once Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor has not talked about freeing her ex-husband, that means it is impossible for a Lawmaker to do that.

Some Insiders have told our Bong County Correspondent that Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor, might support Mr. Dumoe not only on his manifesto to help free her ex-husband but also because of the long-time relationship they have.

Currently, almost all the auxiliaries grouping that supported Madam Taylor during her Vice-Presidential bid have crossed over to Mr. Dumoe as several cars believe to be owned by the Vice President are currently being used by Mr. Dumoe’s campaign team.

Also, in the political boxing ring is Madam Dorothy Tooman who comes from the NGO background and is optimistic of winning the elections.

Madam Dorothy Tooman

As the only female contestant, it is not yet clear while her fellow women are not in high spirt to support her as many alleged that she probably  might have not supported women candidates in any elections.

Madam Tooma has the experience in the private sector and might use the ideas to attract donors funds but will have to do more if she must win this elections .

Contesting as an Independent Candidate, Mr. Adam Bill Corneh had served Bong County electoral District #6 for 12 years but lost to Madam Moima Briggs Mensah in the 2017 elections.

Mr. Adam Bill Corneh

Mr. Corneh still maintains a percentage of his support based but failed to make himself know across the County during his days at the Legislature.

Political Pundits believed that the Former District #6 Lawmaker wants to re-establish with his district citizens and citizens of the County through which he will still be seen as a voice in the body-politics of the county.

His decision to contest might lightly undermine the votes if Senator Yallah and Moye both of whom are said to be the hottest cakes in lower Bong.

Dr. Mogana Flomo, former Agriculture Minister of Liberia is another Candidate who believes he can unseat Senator Yallah.

Dr. Mogana Flomo

The former Minister who promised to make Liberia feed its citizens in one year but allegedly failed, is currently campaigning on improving the agriculture sector when elected.

He has named job creation for youths, agriculture empowerment and human-resource capacity building as major focus points.

It will be his first time to appear on the ballot paper, even though political commentators believe that the December 8 election is not suitable for him.

For Mr. Mohammed Nasser, who is working with the Youth Opportunity Project, he has promised to help battle poverty in Bong County referencing the YOP Project that is benefiting hundreds of citizens in the Bong and other Counties.

Mr. Mohammed Nasser

“Even though the money is not coming from my pocket but the World Bank, I think using the money for the intended purpose is an act of accountability and I think with such record my people need to vote for me” He said in one of his political rallies recently.

Cllr. Benedict Sagbeh, whose face will again be on the ballot paper has contested on several occasions and cannot win the fifth place.

Cllr. Benedict Sagbeh

This time, Cllr. Sagbeh says, he has changed his strategy of campaigns and will do all he can to win the elections.

Keep posted for details from Bong County, as political activities kicks up shortly following the ruling from the Supreme Court on election proceedings.