Owner of National NGO in Sinoe wants Citizens Prioritize Agriculture


By: Mark Gray ( Correspondent) 

The Founder and CEO of a national NGO, Citizens Against Poverty has called on the citizens of Sinoe County to prioritize agriculture for the overall economic liberation of the county and Liberia at large.

Addressing a cross-section of citizens at Amuwulue Intellectual Forum in Greenville during a casual stopover on Monday, David Suah said going back to the soil to grow more food in the merchandised form than subsistence farming will make Liberia economically viable and self-sufficient in food production.

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Mr. Suah said growing more food in Liberia and Sinoe, in particular, will reduce the over US$250- $300 million the government spends annually on rice importation, adding that that the same money can be used to improve the lives of Liberia citizens.

The former Vice President of LBDI and Controller General of the Ministry of Agriculture who now runs the largest rice and cassava farm in WACABA statutory District, Sinoe County, noted that there’s a positive prospect of Sinoe citizens becoming millionaires in few years from agriculture if they put their time, resources and energy into it, stressing that self economic reliance and sufficiency will reduce citizens’ dependency on politicians.

Meanwhile, the CAP Boss described as “deliberate and intentional marginalization of the Southeast” government’s failure to fix major highways especially those leading to Sinoe.