2 Dead, 2 Seriously Injured in 20-Foot Container Explosion in River Gee County


By Bryan Dioh (Correspondent)

Two people have died after a twenty-foot container exploded in Fish Town, River Gee County. Two others are in critical condition and are currently undergoing treatment at the River Gee Health Center awaiting transfer to Maryland for proper Medical attention.

The incident occurred on Tuesday afternoon after the operator of a welding shop (Perfect Machine Shop) was contracted by Bobby Toe, owner of the container to do welding work on the container which is used for the storage of gasoline.

According to reports, the welder along with three of his workers went to work on the container that had about ten gallons of gasoline.

The container later exploded due to the welding flames, and reportedly led to the death of Issac Wapolo and another welder only named Ansu.

Welding is a method used for joining metallic parts usually through the application of heat.

Several citizens of the county have expressed sorrow over the incident, describing it as frustrating.

The Liberia National Police River Gee detachment has invited the owner of the warehouse container, Bobby Toe, for questioning while the bodies of the two have been deposited at a local funeral home in the county.