Cultural Inspector Condemns CDC Bong County Lawmaker


By: Joseph Titus Yekeryan (Correspondent)

Regional Cultural Inspector for Bong, Nimba and Lofa counties William Kollie, has codenamed Bong County Jorquelleh District number three Representative Josiah Marvin Cole’s recent threats against local Chiefs in Bong County.

Recently, Hon. Cole was heard threatening local Chiefs of the County to vote for the Coalition for Democratic Change Candidate Henry W. Yallah or they will lose their jobs.

Hon. Cole

At an elaborate program organized for the CDC in Gbarnga-siaquelleh which also witnessed the crossing over of Bong County Health Team Administrator Jonah N. Togba, Representative Cole told the Chiefs that it is incumbent upon them to vote for whosoever the CDC is supporting in the December elections maintaining that their jobs will be at risk if they refuse to support the CDC Candidate.

But according to Mr. Kollie, the statement made by the Lawmaker is counterproductive to Liberia’s growing democracy.

He said the Chiefs were appointed by President George M. Weah as such, the code of conduct prevents them from campaign activities.

Mr. Kollie furthered that local chiefs across the Country have the right to vote whoever they wish to vote adding that anything beyond that will be a complete violation of their constitutional rights.

β€œIt is very sad that a lawmaker, who supposed to be protecting the rights of the citizens, instead be there threatening the local Chiefs who have the qualification to work with this government. What I want to let Hon. Cole to know is that, this government does not belong to him alone but for the Liberian people so let him stop threatening our Chiefs and focus on his job” Mr. Kollie added.

He is at the same time encouraging the local chiefs to do their jobs void of intimidation maintaining that the local chiefs will have full protection under the law of the republic.