Liberia President George Manneh Weah, Saturday November 28,2020 started the campaign to vote “YES” to all eight counts of the referendum on December 8 2020.

Explaining to Liberians why they should vote YES to the referendum, President Weah said, it will bring more development to the country and will also encourage Liberians living in the diaspora to come back home.

The Liberian leader said, voting YES will allow Liberians born out of the country to become citizens and own properties in their native land.

Mr. Weah noted that Liberia is the oldest African country and there should be a change in the constitution to sute the current condition of the 21st century.

He said there are many countries working with dual citizenship and everything is working well.

Setting Ghana as example, the Liberian leader said the West African nation is growing fast in development and attracting more investors.

Mr Weah added that, voting YES to all counts of the referendum will also reduce the tenure of leaders in power.

He encouraged Liberians that, they are all worthy of leading the country when they vote YES to the referendum.

President Weah also informed the Liberian people that the issue of dual citizenship does not mean foreigners are going to claim all the land and businesses from Liberians.

He believes the process will encourage investors to bring in more development.

He described those who refuse to vote YES to the referendum are denieing other Liberians to participate in their country’s development.