Grand Bassa: NEC Magistrate Threatens to Deny Voters Without Mask at Pooling Centers


By: King Brown (Grand Bassa County Correspondent)

As Liberian set to cast their votes in the December 8, 2020 special elections for various candidates, Mr. Ali Smith, Grand Bassa Deputy Election Magistrate, is urging voters to continue observing health procedures.

Mr. Smith warned voters that without nose masks during the special senatorial election, they will not be allowed to vote.

According to Magistrate Smith, their actions is not intended to deny electorates from voting but to avoid the spread of the corona-virus and make sure that all of the preventive measures are adhered to.

Speaking at a one day media forum organized by the media democracy initiative in Buchanan, Mr. Smith said, that they will also make sure that COVID-19 preventive materials are available at all voting places for those who might not take alone with them those necessary materials needed to contain and prevent others from contracting the virus.

He mentioned that they have trained the cue comptrollers to direct every voter to follow covid-19 preventive measures on December 8, 2020.

“We are calling on the citizen and residents of Grand Bassa County to continue to abide by the covid-19 regulations of the Ministry of Health that is means to stop the spread the virus. It is our job as Liberians to ensure that every citizen live in a healthy environment regardless of position or tribe. So the washing of hands and wearing of nose mask should not be overlook because it will strongly be implemented on voting day at every polling station across the county. NO NOSE MASK AND WASHING HASHS, NO VOTING FOR THAT INDIVIDUAL.” Mr. Smith added.

Among the many regulations that was put in to place by Liberia’s Health authorities to help prevent other for getting the virus, KMTV have observed that political actors vying for the senatorial seat are not implementing the various protocols in to their campaign activities.

The health protocol includes the wearing of nose mask, observing social distancing and hands washing.

Recent, the ministry of Health warned citizens of Liberia to wear masks in the public, observe social distancing and hands washing.

Health authorities says, if Liberians followed these measures, it would stop the spread of the virus and make Liberia COVID-19 free like other countries.