2019 National High School Debate competition on Course; says Alex Devine.


The head of Youth for Change Inc. has outlined plans leading to the holding of the 5th edition of the National High School Debate competition.
Since its establishment in 2013, the National High School Debate Championship has successfully held several debates across the Country.
The program brings together young people including adults for the so purpose of educating, mentoring and empowering them for the larger society.


It was also designed to encourage young people learn, focus and stop an unusual behavior called “Super Friday”. Many young people have gained the opportunity to unearth their talents, learning capabilities, skills and ability to hold key positions in the society. Jutomue Doetein, Satta Sheriff, Lisa Lomax, Williette Mars among others are few young people from this program who have all excelled to higher levels in education and positions in the society.
According to the CEO of Youth for Change Inc. Mr. Alex Devine, the program is going to take five phases this year and all 15 counties are going to participate. He told KMTV that the Pre-luanch will be on the 26th of October 2018, after which the first phase Adjudicators Enrichment workshop will be held at the YMCA from 30-31 October.
Mr. Devine was speaking in an exclusive interview with KMTV news in Monrovia.

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