Mangrove Forests Management: FDA, Wetlands Int’l Africa End One-Day Stakeholders Workshop in Grand Cape Mount


The Forestry Development Authority in collaboration with Wetlands International Africa has ended a one-day stakeholders workshop on managing mangrove forests in Grand Cape Mount County.

The day-long workshop brought together non-governmental organizations, local authorities, representatives from the Ministry of Agriculture, Environmental Justice Foundation, and Environmental Protection Agency among others.

Alhaji Malikie Diana, Project Manager of Grand Mano Landscape, said the management of mangrove forests from Senegal to Benin is integrated protection of mangrove diversity and fragile ecosystems in West Africa that enhances resilience to climate change in nine (9) West African countries.

This Mr. Diana said was signed in July 2019 with funding from the European Union and implement jointly by IUCN, Wetlands International Africa, and the 5Deltas collective.

“The coastal zones of Benin have many mangroves containing a rich biodiversity of plants and animals; moreover, these mangroves recognized for their global importance have been classified in Ramsar site 1017 and 1018, he explained.”

According to Mr. Diana, the project will contribute to the sustainable management of forest resources of the landscapes of coastal wetlands for better well-being and mitigation of vulnerability to climate.

He added that it will promote the restoration and sustainable use of local natural resources to reduce pressure on mangroves and increase income and standard of living of the local populations of which Liberia is no exception.

The project manager also disclosed steps in writing a proposal to get a grant or the implementation of the project. He said, there are categories that include the budgeting of the project: Livelihood 180,000, Euro Capacity building 182,000, Euro Individual approach 100,000 Euro and among others, he said, the total equivalent will be up to 40,000 Euro.

Meanwhile, launching the project in Cape Mount, the regional officer of Forestry Development Authority, Mrs. Ruth K. Varney lauded her international counterpart for recognizing Liberia to form part of the project in West Africa and also assured them of Liberia’s commitment to sustain the project.

For his part, The Director of Program of International Wetlands Africa, Papa Wawade Wade said, the project aims to transform the lives of fishermen, farmers, youths, and women in West Africa. He at the same time encourages participants to take advantage of the opportunity for the betterment of the livelihood of Liberian, he said, Liberia is part of countries in West Africa that has a coastal zone and the mangrove forest is significant to manage to sustain the natural resources of the country.