NEC Announces Special Voting Process in Several Counties


A Special Election will be held for potential voters at precinct centers in several towns in Nimba, Grand Gedeh, and Gbarpolu Counties according to the National Election Commission Chairperson, Davidetta Browne Lansanah.

The NEC boss said, voters registered at two precinct centers at Tiappa and Gbayee Public Schools in Nimba County did not vote on election day, due to lack of polling staffs to conduct the elections.

She said, the Board of Commissioners will determine the voting day, and eligible voters will be inform on the time and date.

Madam Davidetta added that, voters registered at the Nomodatanau Town Hall pooling center in Gbarpolu County District #3, were not allowed to cast their votes because, the Town Chief in that area sized the ballot box and denied voters’ the right to exercise their franchise.

Also, at the Bargblor Public School in Grand Gedeh County, residents were told by some citizens not to vote because, a different county name was written on the box, even though the sticker placed on the box had the polling place number 15001.

The Elections Commission continued that, at the Tappita Memorial School in Lower Nimba County, two temporary staff of NEC were caught with polling box number four.

The box was carried home for safe keeping after counting according to the staffs.

The NEC boss said Police investigation revealed that the seal on the box corresponded to the seal recorded by party agents.

Madam Davidetta added that, the NEC has taken delivery of the TEE-3 and investigation is ongoing.