Pres. Weah Congratulates Liberians for Peaceful Participation in Dec. 8 Polls


President Weah has congratulated Liberians for their peaceful participation in the December 8, polls.

Addressing the nation Sunday evening, President Weah said the peaceful conduct of the elections represents a major victory for Liberia’s democracy and affirms the nation’s support to the rule of law.

“Liberia as a nation, and we as a people are the ultimate winners and the beneficiaries of this peaceful exercise,” President Weah said.

President Weah also recognized the commitment of political parties and independent candidates to urge their supporters to remain law-abiding during the elections.

He, therefore, wants everyone to accept the final results from the National Elections Commission (NEC) and join hands to work together in moving the country “forward in peace.”

The Liberian leader also expressed hope that the winners from the just-ended elections will not only represent the hopes and aspirations of their respective constituencies but that they will all work collectively in the best interest of Liberians.

NEC has for the past days continued with the announcement of provisional results, with the opposition winning a majority of the senatorial seats.

Full Speech Text


The 2020 mid-term elections and by-elections for members of the National Legislature, as well as the Referendum on certain proposed Constitutional amendments, are now over. The National Elections Commission has begun to publish provisional results.

The final results are expected to be announced shortly, but with the voting now over, I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the Liberian people for the calm, mature, and peaceful manner in which they exercised their democratic franchise at the various polls throughout the voting process.

I would also like to thank the security forces of Liberia, who through their vigilance, discipline, and professionalism, ensured that there was a peaceful and conducive atmosphere for these elections to take place, and that the freedom and rights of all our citizens were guaranteed and protected, both during campaign rallies and polling days.

It is important that credit should also be given to the leadership of all participating political parties, for taking initiatives to admonish their respective partisans to remain disciplined and orderly throughout the process.

Finally, I thank the National Elections Commission and its leadership and staff, for doing an excellent job in organizing, conducting, and reporting on these mid-term elections.

As President of Liberia, I extend my personal congratulations to all prospective winners, and express the hope that, as they join the governance structures of this country in their respective legislative capacities, they will not only well represent the hopes and aspirations of their various constituencies, but that they will all work collectively in the best interest of the Liberian people.


These elections represent a major victory for democracy in Liberia, and have significantly enhanced our democratic credentials and affirmed our support for the rule of law in our country.

Liberia, as a Nation, and we, as a People, are the ultimate winners and beneficiaries of this peaceful exercise. I therefore urge that everyone should accept the results that will finally be announced, and let us join hands together to move our country forward in peace and upward in prosperity.

Meanwhile, as we approach the festive season, I would like to take this opportunity, on behalf of myself and my family, to wish all of you a Merry Christmas. As we celebrate the birth of Christ, I would like to remind you that we will be doing so at a time when the Covid-19 pandemic is in a resurgent Second Phase throughout the world, and Liberia remains vulnerable to this phenomenon.

Let us therefore take all necessary precautions and strictly observe all health protocols as published by the Ministry of Health.

And as we come to the end of 2020, during which all mankind and all human activities were negatively impacted by the coronavirus pandemic, let us hope and pray for a better New Year in 2021, as we learn of the good news that vaccines have now been developed which could assist in bringing this deadly disease under control.

Fellow citizens, let us maintain peace among ourselves, and goodwill towards each other, as we go forward together into the New Year.

Merry Christmas again, and a Happy New Year!! May God bless you all.

I thank you.