Bong District #6 Female Lawmaker Eying Deputy Speaker Position


In an effort to raise the voices of women and enable equal participation and representation for women in decision making especially at the National Legislature, Several Civil Society Organizations and Women Grouping in Bong County are calling for the election of Bong county district#6  Rep Moima Briggs Mensah for the Deputy Speaker position.

The Bong County District # 6 Representative is also eying the Deputy Speaker position as she calls for women participation in decision making.

The group said the current Speaker of the 54th National Legislature is a male and including female gender balances like Rep Mensah will support gender equity at the House of Representative.

Several Women grouping and other civil society organizations  across Liberia including African Women Leaders Network (AWLN), have been calling for women participation on both Local and National issues especially at the National Legislature.

The group said raising the voices of women and enabling equal participation and representation for women in decision making is paramount and as such; women should be given the opportunity to serve key positions like the Deputy Speakership.

The group added that their move is upon the very depressing statistics on women current representation in the Liberian Legislature.

“As part of Hon. Moima Briggs Mensah efforts to recognize, include, Build Mutual relationship, communicate significant information to our people thereby forwarding the success in Health, Education, Agriculture, and mostly Infrastructure she has initiated several educational projects for individuals and organizations mostly women benefiting.

We’re calling on members of the 54th National Legislature to trust the ability Hon. Mensah as we have trusted her especially on the level of women participation at the house of Representative to give her the Deputy Speaker position, women need equal opportunity” the group added.

Rep Mensah is currently serving as Co- Chair on Post and Telecommunication, member of the Bong County Legislative Caucus, member of the APU (African Parliamentary Union) and member of State Own Enterprise, a position that many female lawmakers are seeking at the House of Representative.

In line with her present duties as Legislator, Hon. Briggs Mensah is the proponent of the Traditional Midwives Sustainable Act of 2018, District Emblem Act of 2020, and has Co- Sponsored several Bills to include Domestic Violence Act of 2014, National Remuneration Act of 2019 among several others.

As a proud to women in Leadership, the district#6 Lawmaker said, for the past two years in Bong County politics, She has won different awards including the Golden Image Award Rural Development 2019, National Event Planner Awards, Best Female Lawmaker of the year 2019, Corruption Watch Tough Talking Lawmaker of the year 2019 with a grade of A her legislative performances.

Rep Mensah explained that her communications to plenary within two years cannot be overemphianzed, highlighting the wide spread of prostitution in Liberia, Police Brutality on Journalists, the Growing Effect of a Skin Disease (“Be serious”), Restoration of citizens Three Days Free Calls among others.

Hon. Mensah explained that she cannot do all Liberians needs by herself therefore calling on all Liberians international partners especially members of the 54th National Legislative to support her as she gears toward becoming the next Deputy Speaker of the 54th National Legislature.

“We are heading toward the Deputy Speaker Position, as a female Lawmaker I think we need Gander Balances and so we need the support of everyone including my colleagues at the House of Representative” Hon Mensah noted.