“Stepping in the Gap” Liberian Journalist Turns Humanitarian


As economic hardship rocks many including those in rural Liberia, journalist J. Titus Yekeryan, has not only been telling the awful stories of his kinsmen in Bong County but has been variously using his cash and media platforms to engage into humanitarian works, something that is unusual in the Liberian media.

The pathetic stories of the people have moved his heart to offered aid to them before awaiting on others as he reveals their stories on social media and other media platforms.

The emerging young multimedia journalist who is not wealthy with monthly earnings less than $50usd has demonstrated that his passion for the job goes beyond amplifying and giving voice to the voiceless, but also moving in quickly to liberate their needs.

Demonstrating his commitment to humanity, Titus used $50usd appreciation offered him during the just-ended festive season by a humanitarian after he brought to light the conditions of some cassava leaves seller struggling in Bong county.

He used the money allotted him to touch the lives of a visual impaired Liberian who survives by digging sand in rural Liberia. This move is unprecedented, as media practitioners like himself are feeling the economic hardship in Liberia.

Said the humanitarian journalist, “When she sent the Christmas Gifts for the Cassava Leaf Sellers, Mother Elizabeth Gay Cole, sent  $50.00usd for my Christmas. I needed the money but not more than that old man!! I just heard about the old visual impaired man in Plum Valley, Bong County, who digs sand to survive. He needs it more than me. I will buy him rice for the new year tomorrow. His situation is sad that I can’t hold my tears.” Mr Yekeryan noted on Facebook.

Truth to his word, the journalist purchased the items and presented it to Mr. John Mulbah and Sis Patience Kollie in Bong county which was broadcast live on KMTV Facebook page.

Mr. Mulbah is a visually impaired man while Sis Patience is paralyzed.

Tears of joy came rolling down the beneficiary eyes, as they shower praises on the journalist and said it was the first of its kind.

Mr. Yekeryan said the beneficiaries John digs sand to feed his children and other relatives while  Patience who is paralyzed only hope on her aged old mother to provide her daily meal, medical bills and upkeep.

“These people need more bits of help, the challenges they faced are beyond imagination.

I hope you too can see the need to join me to find support for them. May God bless them.” He wrote on social media.

The emerging multimedia journalist who works for a local radio station in Bong County ( put the name here ) and one of Liberia’s best multimedia online platforms, Kreative Mindz Television (KMTV) is encouraging humanitarian and other well Liberians to extend helping hand to others in need.

Several of his efforts have led to a couple of Liberians getting aid from humanitarians, some of which includes:

The cassava leaf sellers who on December 24, 2020,  received 6 bags of rice (3 each) with vegetable oil, cooking vita and salt from a trusted  Partners, Elizabeth Gay Cole of Feed the Children Foundation.

Journalist Titus also lifted the story of John Dolo a 37-year-old disabled man who was thrown out of his house due to his inability to pay his rent. When the story was reported on KMTV, the rural Liberian Journalist raised money that paid two years rent for Mr. Dolo and provided some food items.

Madam Tenneh W. Tokpah of Gbarnga is one of the beneficiaries of Journalist Yekeryan reportage. The visually impaired widow was able to have received little over Six hundred United States Dollars after her story was lifted. She also settled a local susu club that she credited money from to pay her daughter’s medical bails.

Since Journalist Yekeryan’s intervention, Madam Tokpak has received several donations from Restoring Life Ministry and she is today making her own business to sustain her family. If all goes well, the construction of her new home will start February which will be undertaken by caring Liberians in the USA.

Titus is one of Liberia’s best multimedia journalists and has benefited from training in Liberia as he is hopeful of getting the opportunity to have international training.

Recently the journalist completed a month-long training in election reporting and used his platforms to give voice to the voiceless .at the end of the training Titus said “This is an achievement for us; we have been given a certificate of Achievement for completing all required training and assignments as part of Internews’ LMD Elections Reporting Fellowship.

Journalists Titus can be reached on cell # +231888977243/+231778787479  email: josephtitusyekeryan@gmail.com